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Mario Kart 64 CPUs use human items including shells

Hack of Mario Kart 64


This patch for Mario Kart 64 (USA/NTSC) gives the CPUs in Grand Prix mode some of the same items a human can use. CPUs can finally fire shells, use multibananas, and triple mushrooms. Normally CPUs can only use single bananas, stars, ghosts, fake item boxes, single mushroom boosts, and lightning. They spawn the items all at the same time up to three times per lap and draw from their own item probability tables. With these new items the CPUs can use against you, GP mode is now more challenging! CPUs never used shells, multi-bananas, triple mushrooms, or golden mushrooms. Through an exhaustive look into the game’s code, micro500 and I were able to deduce how CPU players spawn items. It turns out that a lot of this code never made it into the final game, and has remained hidden for over 20 years in the inside the game’s rom. Some of it it was never fully debugged or finished. This patch takes most of the unused CPU item spawning code that works and adds it back into the game with some custom assembly code. See the readme.txt for more details.

NOTE: For another hack that has its own implementation of CPUs using human items, check out Hooting Time by HootHoot:

Updated Dec. 28, 2021! What’s new in version 2.7?

  • The biggest change is to ensure compatibility with other Mario Kart 64 hacks. If you want to patch a specific hack and do not know how to do checksum corrections, let me know, and I can create a patch for a specific hack.
  • Increased the CPU item usage frequency a bit, now the game is more challenging!
  • There should be less audio glitches.
  • Lightning probability tweaked to be more reasonable.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Mario Kart 64 (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo 64 (v. 20180814-043336)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 579C48E211AE952530FFC8738709F078D5DD215E
  • File/ROM CRC32: 434389C1




User Review Information

Positive vibes and little bug reporting.

Reviewed By: nad84 on 22 May 2022

I’m very glad this romhack was just updated very recently. I’m really happy you made this hack ever possible. I know the original game may turn really easy and even on 150cc / EXTRA if you’re an experienced player with Mario games, but this hack actually makes the whole game MUCH but MUCH more fresh as used to be… I have played like 3-4 times already and the 3rd one I had to just quit because I got frustrated and couldn’t even reach top 3 in STAR cup. But I mean getting frustrated in a very good way. Like, the game really turned into an interesting challenge because the whole set of items being used.

Really appreciate you made this possible.

I would like to report just only two bugs I have encountered through the gameplays. The first one has happened to me like 3 times already, but it’s chance to happen is something like 1-5% of time ? The thing is that sometimes I have had a green shell to shoot behind me and the moment i’m pressing Z trigger + down, so when I stop pressing Z then the shell should be shot but instead, the shell keeps being behind me and so then I have to press Z again and stop pressing while keeping down pressed in order to shoot properly. Not sure why would this happen, maybe the engine is out of memory ? But this issue seem rare to happen for me, at least. And since you can get several items in one map from Star cup so I have experienced this doesn’t happen most of the time.

Second bug that I found once was the fact I had one green shell moving around me (coming from the 3 at once that can be gathered) and I had one of those orange mushrooms that boost you several times. So, the moment I shoot the last remaining green shell so right then I wanted to trigger the orange mushroom but even then, it dissapeared from the slot on top ! If I remember correctly, another time I had a STAR instead of orange mushroom and I think it happened the same. I just shot one green shell but right away when I wanted to use the STAR then, magically just dissapeared !

Both of these bugs seem kind of rare to happen, but these situations definetely didn’t use to happen in the original game. If can be addressed, I hope can be fixed up.

I hope you can keep updating this very interesting mod. It’s definetely my favorite way now to play Mario kart 64.

Good vibes to you or anybody else who’s involved into this mod.

Version 2.7 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Positive vibes and little bug reporting.nad8422 May 20222.7Yes
How it should have been in the first place(?)Pr1me12 Jun 20212.5Yes
How a walk becomes a challenge!Poe15 Aug 20202.5Yes
Amazingrealgeizt14 Aug 20202.5Yes
Breaks the gameRStffan24 Apr 20202.5No
Wait whatThirteen 135523 Nov 20192.5Yes
Works as advertisedmariokarthero21 Nov 20192.5Yes