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Tetris: The Grand Master ZN-2 to PSX conversion

Hack of Tetris: The Grand Master


This patch modifies the Tetris: The Grand Master ZN-2 binary to allow it to run on regular retail PlayStation hardware.

All the ZN-2 board specific hardware accesses (ROM, EEPROM, 4MB RAM, JAMMA I/O, QSound, Country ROM) have been replaced or patched out.

The button mapping is configured to match the Namco Arcade Stick / Hori RAP2 layout.

In order to run this you will need to:

  • extract the game binary and data from the ROMs (ate-05m.3h and ate-06m.4h), you can use the included script for this
  • patch the MAIN.BIN binary with the included IPS patch(es). The core patch (tgm_psx_v1.3.ips) is required, the others are optional
  • follow the intructions in cdda_music.txt to create the music tracks
  • compile bin2exe_tgm.c and convert the patched MAIN.BIN binary to a PSX-EXE (”./bin2exe_tgm MAIN.BIN MAIN.EXE”)
  • master a disc with the extracted ROM contents, the converted PSX-EXE, and the included SYSTEM.CNF file (”mkpsxiso TGM_PSX_CDDA.xml”)

v1.3 changes:

  • Added background preloading to allow background graphics to change while CD-DA music is playing
  • Adjusted the track positions for CD-DA music tracks, this should reduce the short silence at the start of some tracks
  • Integrated the previously optional music playback code into the core patch (use an older version if for some reason you don’t want the music)
  • Added optional IPS patches to change the region to USA or EUR (which changes the attract mode text to English)
  • Added button mapping for L2/R2 to ‘down’ for more comfortable playing on a regular PlayStation controller

ROM / ISO Information:

  • 78c2b1965957ff1756c25b76e549f11fc0001153 ate-05m.3h
  • c9262e8de14c4a9489f7050316012913c1caf0ff ate-06m.4h



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An absolute must for TGM fans looking for an FPGA port!

Reviewed By: felleg on 18 May 2022

This hack is a magnificent port of Tetris Grand Master 1 for the original PlayStation. What makes it so remarkable is that it allows players to natively play this game on a CRT without relying on software emulation or the purchase of an expensive arcade PCB.

To be more precise, with the inclusion of the PlayStation core on the MiSTer FPGA project, we are finally able to play an arcade perfect version of this game. 1P and 2P support is all here in full glory.

For any TGM fan with a MiSTer looking forward to play a “native” version of this game, look no further. This might be as close as it gets to arcade perfection for most of us!

Version 1.3 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Verified excellence by original arcade PCB owners.M.Walrus13 May 20231.3Yes
Perhaps possibly one of the best 'hacks' ever on Romhacking.netd12345625 Jan 20231.3Yes
Excellent and wonderfulbankbank09 Jan 20231.3Yes
An absolute must for TGM fans looking for an FPGA port!felleg18 May 20221.3Yes
This is so cool!BulkSlash18 Jan 20211.2aYes