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Ocarina of Time - Gold Quest

Hack of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


Gold Quest is like an expanded Master Quest. Different dungeon & overworld layouts plus many other little gameplay changes.

Designed with the more experienced OOT player in mind & for those who like to complete 100% of the game. Like Master Quest, it’s the same story, although there are some text changes & cutscenes have generally been made shorter. Text speed has been increased. Dungeon Maps have all been updated for new chest locations with fast chest openings. The intro has been removed (you start in Link’s house).

Tested on N64 with an Everdrive. Does not require 8mb expansion.

Patches supplied for 1.0 & 1.2 roms.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo 64 (v. 20210220-053642)
  • File SHA-1: 79A4F053D34018E59279E6D4B83C7DACCD985C87
  • File CRC32: EC95702D
  • ROM SHA-1: AD69C91157F6705E8AB06C79FE08AAD47BB57BA7
  • ROM CRC32: CD16C529




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User Review Information

A decent hack that needs some slight improvements

Reviewed By: Roalphard on 17 May 2022

I’ll start off by giving the tl;dr, this hack has plenty of potential. Very challenging puzzles and ways of getting around, not just inside dungeons, but it has a severe lack of guidance and signposting since it changes things up considerably from the base game. I wouldn’t recommend playing this in its current state unless you have plenty of experience with randomizers and speedrunning.

It’s very easy to miss some key items to progress like the Kokiri Sword, Hookshot, and Princess Ruto’s letter (all of which are in the game btw). And because you can leave Kokiri Forest before even completing the first dungeon, it’s entirely possible to, for instance, screw yourself over one of the Deku Seed bags by completing the shooting gallery minigame before obtaining the slingshot, or generally wander around completely at a loss. And understandably, there isn’t any content out there for the hack to reference if you’re lost or stuck, except for ZFG’s playthrough of it; which helps a lot, but there aren’t any timestamps for it or anything obviously, so it’s easy to get spoiled on other puzzles and solutions you didn’t intend to look for while you skip and search the videos for the one specific thing you’re looking for.

The game does a great job at speeding up the dialogue too. Only a few instances where you have to mash A to get through lengthy cutscenes and dialogue; particularly at the end of the game, from Ganondorf’s first fight onward (which could probably be updated to match the level of speed and humor). Speaking of which, the story doesn’t follow the base game’s story at all, and main quest dialogue is either removed completely or altered to a more humorous tone. It isn’t intended as a new story or anything of the sort, the game wants you to focus on the gameplay and not the story of a 20+ year old game. Personally, I’m fine with that and I enjoyed it, but I can understand how some of the humor might come off as cringy to some. I also appreciate the nod to ALttP’s pink haired Link, as well as the changes to the tunic colors to make it feel like you’re playing a whole different game. While it doesn’t matter much for the main game, the hack does allow you to use tunics as young Link, which is a nice touch as well.

Unlike Master Quest, both the dungeons and the overworld have changed in this hack. You do not need to be a speedrunner or have any experience with glitches and exploits whatsoever to complete the “main” game (with the exception of off-label Blue Fire applications), but from seeing ZFG’s playthrough of it compared to mine, it could certainly help. Additionally, the Big Poe locations in Hyrule Field have changed, and one or 2 of them are very hard to find. The hack does lock an important item to progress behind it, so you do have to go Big Poe hunting at some point. And the thresholds for the Gold Skultulla rewards have changed, but there doesn’t seem to be a consistent pattern to obtaining them; I believe I got my rewards at 40 tokens, then 70, then 120, then 150, or something along those lines, which didn’t really make sense compared to the base games rewards every 10 tokens.

While some of the puzzles and a few of the fights are incredibly frustrating to deal with, they are doable, if you have plenty of experience with the genre. Overall, the game could use some improvement when it comes to player guidance and where the next important item might be. Things like the Navi and Saria dialogue could probably be adjusted to help the player out for this since, while funny at first, it doesn’t really provide any sort of help (and much like the original Navi, it gets old real fast). If the hack manages to include these or other improvements, I could see myself recommending it to the casual Zelda player, but not in its current state.

Version 1.0 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Frustrating funKirizame20 Jun 20221.0Yes
A decent hack that needs some slight improvementsRoalphard17 May 20221.0No
Tedious beyond all reason, and not even what was advertised. (And also some REALLY bad jokes)TarotCard010 Mar 20221.0No
A great hack that acknowledges OoTBlikk04 Mar 20221.0Yes
Shows promise but needs some signpostingJust Monika Things28 Feb 20221.0No