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Contra III: The Alien Wars Restoration

Hack of Contra III: The Alien Wars


This hack restores the cheat codes, the unlimited continues and the ability to fight the secret final boss in Normal mode from the Japanese version of this game back to the American version of it.

The 0xED hex editor was used for this project.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Contra III - The Alien Wars (USA).sfc
  • MD5 Checksum: EDE82658DAFDD6FEBBFBE6A9C9082500




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User Review Information

Are you a casual or a noob like I am? Well this is the hack for you.

Reviewed By: tsubasaplayer16 on 14 May 2022

I didn’t grow up with this game, as a matter of fact. However, unlike the the 1st Contra on NES (which I *did* play as a kid back then, but not as much compared to what I normally played), that game had the 30 lives code, which made the one-hit deaths easier to deal with (although I still sucked at the game). However, the NA version (PAL too) of Contra III left it out and a few other stuff from the original Japanese release. So if you suck at these games like I do, this is the hack to restore the 30 lives code and a few other nifty stuff. (Although the well-known Konami code is not how you will get 30 lives. Do a hadouken and press start on the cursor being on options) And yes, this WILL be compatible with the SA-1 hack as well (patch the restoration AFTER the SA-1 hack). Works wonders on the FXPAK Pro too, in tandem. Pretty neat.

Version Final Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Are you a casual or a noob like I am? Well this is the hack for you.tsubasaplayer1614 May 2022FinalYes
Great restoration hack and compatible with the SA-1 hack!!RHZ22 Nov 2020FinalYes
Great hack with a minor problemRipthorn27 Apr 2020FinalYes
Almost Perfect Restoration - UpdatedLodan-Zark16 Sep 2017FinalYes
"It's time... FOR CHEATS!"RealGaea30 Jun 2017FinalYes