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Road Rash 2 ROM Hacking Guide

Game Specific


Lots of Road Rash 2 ROM addresses for hacking things like: bike acceleration, top speed, handling, straightening out the tracks, slowing down the game, etc.


User Review Information

Enjoyable and Plentiful

Reviewed By: RyanfaeScotland on 16 Apr 2011

Review based on version 0.7

There is plenty of information in this document for those who want to breath new life into Road Rash 2.

This document clearly isn’t a tutorial on how to ROM hack so don’t expect lengthy descriptions on how the information was found or an explanation on how the changes to the ROM result in the changes you see in game. Not that this is a bad thing, for those already familiar with ROM hacking at even a basic level this should prove to be a useful document and will give a good starting point for anyone looking to hack Road Rash 2 as it will remove a lot of the initial leg work.

There is also a quick guide to binary - hex conversion using windows calculator so don’t be too afraid if you scan through the document and the numbers with letters scare you!

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Enjoyable and PlentifulRyanfaeScotland16 Apr 2011N/AYes