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How to Make Genesis Game Genie Codes With Gens Tracer

Cheat Codes


Explains how to make Genesis Game Genie codes using memory traces and assembly trace logs. This also serves as an interesting backdoor introduction to assembly language.


User Review Information

A Great Introduction to Assembly

Reviewed By: RyanfaeScotland on 16 Apr 2011

Review based on Version 0.4

This is a really useful guide for those looking to make the transition from editing save states to editing rom files. It clearly lays out the tools that are needed and walks through the process at a good pace without ever feeling condescending or baffling.

The author uses NHL 94 as the teaching tool but the principles learned can easily be applied to any other game (and most likely any other system) afterward.

I read this guide after learning through trial and error how to go about hacking roms in the way it describes but I’ve still learned from it enough to help me ‘tidy up the edges’ of the process I normally follow and will be saving it in my library for reference.

I would recommend reading up on the 68K opcodes afterwards and having a go at playing around with the code for NHL94 to see what you can achieve with the timer the guide talks about. Try getting it to increase instead of decrease or to have it decrease by 5 every second instead of 1.

All round a really useful guide, thanks for posting.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A Great Introduction to AssemblyRyanfaeScotland16 Apr 2011N/AYes