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Silva Saga

Nintendo Entertainment System

Game Description:

Silva Saga, one of Japan’s finest JRPG gems that didn’t made it to U.S. shores back in the day. It’s a Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior clone, and it has lush and kick-ass graphics for an NES game! And a story that’s oh-so interesting, it’s like non any Dragon Quest clone or JRPG for the NES could beat it (Even Square’s Famed and Legendary Final Fantasy!)

Translation Description:

Complete patch for Silva Saga (sequel to Minelvaton Saga) on NES. This is a rather well-done Dragon Quest clone with nice plot and kickass visuals. Please, DO check the readme file: it contains important information on how to start this game due to a bad dump. Version 1.01 contains some minor typo/bug corrections and new better-to-read font.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Silva Saga (Japan).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 3648889B
  • SHA-1: 4983887E56F938EE488D4B7E7D0757988B034063
  • SHA-256: 60372F026E28C64CB835F5E476E0AFF689E16EB0C52996CDDCE3801386C790FD


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
aishshaHackingHacking and Translation
DjinnHackingMisc Hacking + Help
ded302HackingROM Expansion Work
ASchultzScript Editing/Revision
fuzzballTranslationTranslation Help
BRPXQZMETranslationTranslation Help
RyusuiTranslationTranslation Help

User Review Information

Easy But Worth a Play Through

Reviewed By: Klaviaturist on 18 Mar 2011

Apparently this is a sequel to another game called Minelvaton Saga. This game is essentially another Dragon Quest like game. It wouldn’t surprise me if the same engine was used from DQ2 or 3 actually. Having said that, it’s a relatively fun game and worth a play through if you’re a fan of NES RPGs.

The storyline isn’t really worth mentioning. It’s fairly basic and you’ll figure it out in the first 5 minutes of playing.

The notable points are how easy the game is compared to others in its genre and the mercenary system. First off, in about the first 10 minutes of the game, you will gain levels so quickly that in no time you will be at level 7. So level grinding never becomes an issue, so for the people with little patience you will breeze through this.

Second, the mercenary system. It’s nothing particularly special as you can beat the game with out getting mercenaries but the option is there. Basically, it works like this; you walk into a building and hire mercenaries! It’s really simplified as you are given a list of names and no stats. So you really have no idea what kind of character you’ll be hiring. I didn’t worry much about it, but as I said, the option is there.

The translation is decent. Unfortunately, the source material doesn’t look like it had much to offer, so a lot of dialog is pretty dry and basic. Another note, the patch apparently had a bad dump. You can see this at the start of the game as there are three saved files and if you don’t start a new game you will start up in the ocean somewhere and you will be unable to do anything. The readme file addresses this issue.

It’s not a bad game and for veterans, this is a breeze through. It’s nothing particularly special but I found some fun in it. Looking forward to the English patch for the sequel for the Super Famicon.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Easy But Worth a Play ThroughKlaviaturist18 Mar 2011N/AYes