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Lennus II: Fuuin no Shito

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

I couldn’t figure out how to get out of the first little area (though granted, I didn’t dwell on it), so I checked out a GameFAQs review for Lennus II. This guy (who obviously didn’t know Japanese) blasted the game for having no story, sub-NES-quality graphics, the worst music he’s ever heard, and gameplay that was eclipsed by that in Final Fantasy II and III. What the fuck game was he playing? See kids, this is why retards shouldn’t be allowed to play Squaresoft games.

Maybe he was playing the first Lennus, which was released here as Paladin’s Quest and, admittedly, is all of those above things. Lennus II kicks things up by several notches, but is essentially the same Lufia/Phantasy Star-esque gameplay. But I mean, look at those graphics! They totally rock. GameFAQs is stupid.

Translation Description:

Bongo’ from Stealth Translations gave Magic Destiny a kick in the pants to put this project back together and finish it up after years of dormancy. The result is a completed English Lennus II translation.

Wildbill obviously spent a lot of time on the readme with a partial original game manual translation, history of the project, and of course instructions on how to patch the game. The same work and care went into this translation. The amount of people who had a helping hand in this project and the way it came together to be finished is a proud display of our community at it’s best. Well, go download the patch already!

This patch is in IPS format for a ROM without a header.

This project was originally released by Magic-Destiny/Stealth Translations which have merged to form Dynamic Designs, where it is now offered and maintained.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • File: Lennus II - Fuuin no Shito (Japan).sfc
  • CRC32: C68BE22A
  • MD5: 52AF259A C9347CD2 B6AE4506 71E9DBD6
  • SHA1: 3CDEC34B F2652B27 8ED482D3 F425EFFF 2AA64E7E


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
WildbillScript Editing/Revision

User Review Information

One of the Top 5 Best Games for the SNES

Reviewed By: Klaviaturist on 25 Feb 2011

I actually played this the day the patch was released. Lennus 2 is the followup to the excellent SNES RPG Lennus aka Paladin’s Quest. Lennus 1 had a great story, a unique battle system and a really great mercenary recruiting system. And, possibly one of the hardest final boss fights ever. Lennus 2 makes improvements in all areas and overall is a much better looking game than its predecessor.

The game is a true sequel to Lennus 1 (unlike the FF series where every sequel is its own game and world) but at first it may not look that way. Unlike the storyline of the first game that was essentially a “go out and save the world” like game, Lennus 2 throws you in a world in which things don’t become fully clear until almost midway through.

Overall this is a far better looking game than Lennus 1 in almost every aspect. The only thing I didn’t like quite as much was the score (and I may be in a minority with that!).

I can’t stress enough how fantastic the translation turned out. The work that went into this was immense and when you play through you will see why. The game’s “worlds” are monstrous and NPC will often say different things at different points in the game, making the translation work all that much greater. Hats off to all the translators!

Lennus 2 is easily one of the best games ever made for the Super Famicom. Sad that it was so late in the systems years that North America didn’t see an official release. But to be honest, a North American release would have seen the game edited and highly censored. If you liked the first game, this one will make you realize just how great the Lennus series was, and could have been.

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
One of the Top 5 Best Games for the SNESKlaviaturist25 Feb 2011N/AYes
Lennus II Finished!SirRob20 Oct 2008N/AYes