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Little Nemo - The Dream Master - A Wonderful Wand Edition

Hack of Little Nemo: The Dream Master


What this hack does:

This hack attempts to increase the usage of the WAND and to improve the overall gameplay of the beloved cult classic Little Nemo: The Dream Master. This is accomplished by giving the player the WAND weapon from the start, streamlining the action-platforming aspects of the gameplay, and reducing the cumbersome animal-riding parts of the game. Various re-balancing adjustments and improvements have been made to the game as well.

List of features, additions and changes:

1) WAND activation! Nemo can now use the WAND weapon from the beginning!

2) Brand new bosses at the end of level 5 & 6!

3) Nemo can now jump slightly higher. He can now reach up to 3 blocks vertically without the help of the frog suit!

4) Nemo now has a max of 4 hit points. This should reduce the difficulty of the game in the early stages.

5) All new levels! The amount of changes to the levels vary from level to level. From minor edits/polish to complete overhauls.

6) Adjustments to enemies hit points. Example, Airplanes and Balloons in level 3 can now be killed, etc.

7) Added more platforming challenges.

8) Added many challenges that require the usage of the WAND.

9) Added many secrets and bonus areas. These areas are not required to pass each level.

10) Streamlined many levels from the confusing and annoying key-fetching quests to more of an action-platformer.

11) Reduced and streamlined the animal-riding aspects of the game. Removed all instances where the need to constantly change animals are required.

12) The height of jumping out of water is now consistent and always at the highest.

13) Various graphical changes to give the levels a better look and feel according to the level’s theme.

14) Restored censored contents.

15) Swapped music between levels 5 & 7.

16) Bosses hit points have been increased to provide a more challenging boss battles experience.

17) The difficulty of level 8, Nightmare Land, has been ramped up to the max. Take advantage of the extra 1-ups!

18) Cap of 9 max lives is now removed. Nemo can now have a stock of more than 9 lives.

19) Various texts changes in attempt to modernize and to make the story fit with the early WAND activation.

20) Minor adjustments to enemy hit points.

21) Other various minor edits and adjustments.

22) Changed the “Morning Star” to the “Wonderful Wand”.

Special thanks:

A very special thanks to spiiin and his amazing CadEditor!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Little Nemo - The Dream Master (U) [!].nes
  • CRC32: 71D868C4
  • MD5: 7D774124D8FE1ED4A21F6CC8A34AA800
  • SHA-1: 1FC0EE2265A49974F99DFFA92802C2331DE86D93
  • SHA-256: 6D9958DC0D3B72BAA852D6FCD74FCBA94E6E8B1EBDD00EF9C0437FA9DA0A3AB3



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
8-bit fanHacking

User Review Information

At the end - I couldn't pass honestly

Reviewed By: diablo666 on 18 Dec 2022

Welcome to the re-review of the hack.

This time I was able to pass the hack, but… Not everything is so rosy.

MOST OF THE Design Levels… IT’s really good and interesting. Everything is quite well thought out. However, the World 8-2-2 (8 world, 2 road to the boss, 2 screen) is a screen with too clear timing, which, personally, upsets me. Of course, you can learn how to pass it, but this is a problematic area. I can pass without damage, but it’s problematic. World 8-3-2 (8 world, 3 road to the boss, 2 screen) - I’m stuck there on spikes that I can’t really clearly fly over. It is necessary to stand up somehow gracefully, which leads to death. And if you have 0 lives, THEN you have to go through 8 worlds from the very beginning, which is a shame

But the trouble, as always, lies in 8-2. There’s a double boss here. The problem is that I couldn’t pass it HONESTLY… Only with the help of “save and load”. Why is that? They are the same color, BUT they have different patterns of behavior. They don’t act the same. And often this happens to the fact that one has got into position to reset the lights, and the other is flying diagonally (or straight) at you, which makes it difficult to dodge these two. Either both attack with fire, but do not leave windows to save from damage. Here, either remove one boss, or change the flasks from 1HP to first aid kits (full health). And if the second is something else, it is desirable to make these bosses - in different colors.

As I said earlier, the hack is excellent in Level Design, but the final is difficult to pass honestly.

Version 1.7 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Full featured hack that dials the difficulty up to 11!kaeon21 Jul 20221.7Yes
A great remake of an already great game!cecil25519 Apr 20221.7Yes
At the end - I couldn't pass honestlydiablo66618 Dec 20221.7No
A Great New Twist!Mother Kojiro17 Apr 20191.0Yes
Worth a play if you are a fan of the original or platformers in generaldjnforce911 Oct 20171.0Yes