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BS-Zelda MottZilla Patch

Hack of BS Zelda no Densetsu: Map 2


This was a project started to fix many issues and make improvements over previous hacks. Most important at the time was many other hacks failed to run on real hardware. The features of this hack include a classic themed title screen, story role introduction, file menu and ability to save your progress, select between 3 characters, both Map 1&2 available, original timed gameplay design and more. Check the readme for some helpful gameplay commands related to saving and ending weeks. Also included is a patch for English text in game.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • BS Zelda no Densetsu Map 2.smc
  • CRC32: D062C7FF
  • MD5: 5F29FB4F06312365C27F02E76B7417D8
  • SHA-1: 95F64FA8C299F12F6B24ECC29197718703ECEB06
  • SHA-256: 8C49F8DDB47A5E03B443A9C658DF980DA882BFFF00B1B0B083D89EE7A0076F2E




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User Review Information

Everything I wanted, but...

Reviewed By: WeNeedWarioLandDXwColor on 26 Jan 2022

I always wanted to experience the authentic version of BS-Zelda, without the redrawn sprites, however, I just wish that there was an optional patch to do away with the time mechanic. I don’t know who in the world actually wants that confusing mechanic in the first place since this is no longer on the Satellaview and under its limitations.

Version 0.95 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Everything I wanted, but...WeNeedWarioLandDXwColor26 Jan 20220.95No