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Dragoon X Omega - Gold Edition

Hack of Dragon Warrior


A nation just over a rebellion by their own psychic soldiers is attacked by an alien being in a giant star ship.

The last one of the rebels that has not been executed is given a choice: Save the land of Amnethen or die at the hands of her former master, Lord Vin.

An epic full-scale RPG Hack that is sure to blow you away!

ADDENDUM: If you aren’t fond of grinding, then you can try this patch for an Easy Mode.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Dragon Warrior (U) (PRG0) [!].nes - GOODNES 3.14
  • CRC32: CAAF5C6B
  • MD5: 1CFEEAC7A20B405780EEA318D3D1AF2A
  • SHA-1: 6A50CE57097332393E0E8751924FD56456EF083C
  • SHA-256: A7ECD04C70FFF7CA3F0CD7E262377097305A30C9B5BFA27D7341F454E252BE17




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Sliver XOriginal HackingHacking, Text Changes, Grahpics

User Review Information

Technically Impressive, but Grindy

Reviewed By: Emptyeye on 22 Jan 2022

Dragoon X Omega- Gold Edition is a complete overhaul of Dragon Warrior, turning it from a generic fantasy adventure to something more futuristic. You play as a psychic soldier who is one of the last of a failed rebellion. You’re given a choice: Die, or save the people you were rebelling against from an even bigger threat.

The main positive here: This is an almost complete hack of Dragon Warrior. Particularly for its release date, it’s very technically impressive. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a commercially released RPG on the NES if you didn’t know in advance it was a hack of Dragon Warrior.

Which brings me to my two main complaints about the game. First, if you *do* know it’s a hack of Dragon Warrior–which you do, if you’re reading this–you can see the Dragon Warrior peeking through at pretty much every turn, from shop selection, to enemy sprites and abilities. Which brings me to my second main complaint.

The original Dragon Warrior is a hugely important game historically, basically inventing the JRPG as we know it today. It is also an absolute slog to play through, being mostly level grinding. The changes made in this hack make it even *more* of a slog, to the point where you’re likely to quit before getting much of anywhere. Given the amount of changes elsewhere, that experience and gold yields weren’t rebalanced to reduce the percentage of playtime spent is mystifying to me–the author clearly knew how to do it and just didn’t.

It’s still an impressive hack and worth checking out, but I’d recommend either going with the Amnethen Apocalypse and applying some of the patches there, or (If you know enough about ROM hacking yourself) editing the enemy yields to be closer to the later remakes of Dragon Warrior/Quest.

Version 2.0f Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Technically Impressive, but GrindyEmptyeye22 Jan 20222.0fYes
A quick deathOld_gamer17 Oct 20192.0fNo
DXO needs to be remakeGamerhenky13 Nov 20152.0fYes
Decent Overall, but some Really Bad Design Decisionsmagictrufflez06 Oct 20152.0fYes
Fantastic Futuristic Foibles!obscurumlux0120 Sep 20152.0fYes
Not Perfect, But Innovative DW HackKlaviaturist16 Mar 2011N/AYes