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Final Fantasy II Restored

Hack of Final Fantasy II


Final Fantasy II Restored is an endeavor to fix the innumerable bugs that Final Fantasy II released with, a rushed and experimental project that, while ambitious, suffered from a lack of playtesting. This project sets out to polish all the rough edges of the original NES release, as well as offer some improvements to an archaic system in line with changes made in the title’s remakes.

This release comes with two separate patches, all of which are mutually exclusive. DO NOT load more than one of the patches onto your ROM. The patches should be loaded onto a clean JP ROM, but are compatible with the latest ChaosRush Translation, which is highly recommended for use. This release does not translate the game, only addresses game mechanics.

The patches are:

  • FF2R - Bug Fix.ips: This is the base patch to use for only fixing the games bugs. Future FFII romhackers, please use and credit this patch in your ongoing projects.
  • FF2R - Restored.ips: This is the “overhaul” improvement patch which did not get as much work as ambition dictated due to limited resources. Perhaps someday this can be returned to.
  • This release is as is, and is currently on hiatus. If you would like to make contributions to or follow the project, please read the first post of and post any questions or comments here.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Final Fantasy II (Japan)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210216-231042)
  • File SHA-1: 1A9E01A29472F1161BD16E1B4D76994346A505F6
  • File CRC32: B7327510
  • ROM SHA-1: 070D4CE87EB4ABCC9F9D2A97B8010881CB57DEFA
  • ROM CRC32: D29DB3C7




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
abwHackingPrimary hacking and ASM work, ~95% of everything
Red Mage JoeHackingMinor hacking and ASM work, research/testing

User Review Information

The way the developers intended!

Reviewed By: BlueVapor1234 on 17 Jan 2022

I’ve always wanted to play FF2 Famicom, but it became quickly apparent that it was as buggy as an Atari game. That was until I stumbled across this hack! This hack is amazing for a number of reasons, the first, the bug fixes. Nearly every bug imaginable was fixed with this hack, making the gameplay incredibly smooth compared to the original. The second point, is the “restored” part of it, which makes the gameplay much easier to stomach, especially with the reduction on grinding and the option to sprint. Overall this hack is the best possible way to play the original FF2.

Version 1.0c Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
The way the developers intended!BlueVapor123417 Jan 20221.0cYes
The Best Way 2 Play The Original FF2!mcgeepride27 Apr 20211.0aYes