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Hack of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


Customizable SotN patcher and randomizer addon

Direct Link:

The main purpose of this mod is to completely revamp the difficulty balance in SotN. If you’ve played this game before then you know that it is in dire need of such change. What has been done here is bring over Bloodstained Ritual of the Night’s mechanic of enemy stats scaling with their level value, providing a much more consistent difficulty progression throughout the game. This means mostly buffs to enemies and bosses which can vary depending on how strong each already was relative to its placement. In short, expect to find a difficulty balance that is very close to Bloodstained’s. Additional changes include knockback now being based on the nature of the enemy’s attack rather than on its damage output, removal of contact damage on Richter and Doppleganger and more.

On top of this there are more options that you can choose from:

  • Random enemy levels
  • Random enemy tolerances
  • Enemy damage multiplier
  • Continuous wing smash
  • Bigtoss only

For a more detailed look at the changes all edits are directly read from the JSON files under the Data folder. You can even use these to customize the mod to your liking. This is not in the form of a PPF patch, it is a small program that will patch your rom based on the options you pick. I also included a Bizhawk cheat file that you can use to permanently give yourself Spirit Orb, Cube of Zoe and Faerie Scroll since the SotN randomizer doesn’t have the option to start with those.

Despite the huge modding limitations most of my hopes for this mod have been met, the biggest thing missing would be the removal of the countless stunlocks to death that SotN has, one day hopefully…


ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Castlevania - Symphony of the Night (USA) (Track 1)
  • Database:
  • Serial Number: SLUS-00067
  • File/ROM SHA-1: F967119E006695A59A6442237F9FC7C7811CF7BF
  • File/ROM CRC32: 5BE47B2



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Z3R0XHackingFound enemy offsets thanks to his editor

User Review Information

Nice stat revisions...HOWever~

Reviewed By: nukesheart on 15 Jan 2022

First of all, thank you for this hack…any type of SotN hack is always welcome..and this one is a great hack! Anyway most reviews here already said what’s good about this hack but…i have some minor/major issues with some item balancing…

The Elemental weapons became useless!

I got Holy Sword/Icebrand/Mormegil and other “elemental” weapons and it only have…16ATK. WHY. I get it that if you use its special attack the damage become strong (others like Mormegil didnt even have a special attack)…but really it only makes the weapon very useless - because you can just use the freakin MORNINGSTAR club and deal hundreds of damage to enemies. Also that, on your default setting, ALL skeletons and armored enemies (i fought so far) receive 2x damage from blunt hits…making MORNINGSTAR (which you buffed so hard) very OP in the first castle (I didn’t mind you buffing it, but when most enemies take 2x damage from it, it became borderline OP - if you could just halved them from cut damage and retain 1x damage from blunt, it’ll be good) I’m still just at the start of the 2nd castle so I couldn’t comment on other weapons yet (Luminus sword also suffers from 16ATK it’s useless as well) I suggest making their base damage viable, maybe something a bit below than Bekatowa but please not 16ATK . then you can increase the special damage by 1.5x or something. Also be mindful of the weapons that do not have special attacks…try to make them have some viability over the other weapons.

Lol I kinda like what you did with MoonRod xD But I think it’s kinda OP where you can even get it early in Inverted. I suggest putting that effect on a weapon you can get much later..or maybe on Terminus Est or something.

Now, what you did with Richter…I took that peronally (haha jk) WHY DOES HE DIE IN 1 HIT?! To make breaking shaft’s ball harder? But it takes away the experience, man. If you want it to become harder I suggest making Richter hit like a truck (like every swing deals 150damage or something) and buff the ball. This way, fighting Richter can somehow still be a challenge regardless if your goal is to kill him or save him. What’s in there currently just breaks the experience.

I like this hack, I really do. It’s only a little more polish to be the best balanced SotN that I could recommend to my friends to play it first time. I hope you continue to work on this as I am excited to play SotN again and again with new stuff in.

PS: I hope someday, someone could make a SotN hack that mods enemy placements to make the game even more interesting. I hope it could be you.

Thanks again!

Version 1.4.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Nice stat revisions...HOWever~nukesheart15 Jan 20221.4.1Yes
Be sure to get the latest version from githubCatnipPhilosophy19 Dec 20211.1.0Yes
SOTN is fun again!dj_is_raiden11 Oct 20211.1.3Yes