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UWOL - Quest for Money



Uwol likes money. One day he heard of a cave full of gold coins. Although the cave was guarded by dangerous creatures, Uwol decided not to give up until he will get at least 255 coins.

This is a port of a homebrew arcade game, originally developed for ZX Spectrum by the Mojon Twins.

Here is a demo video of the game -



User Review Information

Let's talk about the Mojon Twins

Reviewed By: CryinOnion on 08 Jan 2022

As anyone who has played this game will have noticed, it is a really well executed homebrew. This is due to the years of effort spent by its creators, the Mojon Twins to improve their programming skills and their own game engine, which is available along with numerous retro games on their official website (Super Uwol for NES without going any further, which represents a notable improvement over other incarnations of this character by having a co-op mode).

I can only encourage you to try it, its simple formula with classic arcade flavor will keep you entertained for hours and maybe it will help us to talk more about these great guys and their contributions to the retro world.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Let's talk about the Mojon TwinsCryinOnion08 Jan 20221.0Yes
Younger Me Will Surely Love ThisThatPlayer108 Jan 20221.0Yes