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UWOL - Quest for Money



Uwol likes money. One day he heard of a cave full of gold coins. Although the cave was guarded by dangerous creatures, Uwol decided not to give up until he will get at least 255 coins.

This is a port of a homebrew arcade game, originally developed for ZX Spectrum by the Mojon Twins.

Here is a demo video of the game -



User Review Information

Younger Me Will Surely Love This

Reviewed By: ThatPlayer1 on 08 Jan 2022

Simple game, with the objective to collect all of the coins and dodge the enemies. Probably sounds and looks like Pac-Man, but it is actually a platformer. Their execution is also incredible, people who don’t know about homebrews will probably guess it as a game made by a big company. Recommended!

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Let's talk about the Mojon TwinsCryinOnion08 Jan 20221.0Yes
Younger Me Will Surely Love ThisThatPlayer108 Jan 20221.0Yes