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The Novice Translation Document

Text Hacking


A very sparse document roughly outlining the translation hacking process using the Pokémon Blue JAP ROM as an example. More useful as a supplemental document rather than a newcomer’s primary source of information.


User Review Information

Old techniques, brute force.

Reviewed By: Yauch on 12 Jan 2011

This document was written in 2000. The tools used are as follows:

  • Tile Layer
  • Thingy32
  • SNES Tool
  • Covers how to make a table file, how to make an ips patch, and how to change gibberish into readable text. eg play the game until you see “sdfg”, then search in Thingy for “sdfg” and change it to “save”.

Recommended - No

User Reviews
Old techniques, brute force.Yauch12 Jan 2011N/ANo