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Breath of Fire IV


Game Description:

The last installment of the BoF series on the original Playstation and also the last of the series to follow gameplay that is most reminiscient of the first release. (The game to follow this was the last of the series as of this writing and was on the Playstation 2, which had a VERY different style of play involved.)

You will see, in this installment, two familiarly named characters: Ryu and Nina. Ryu is your blue-haired protagonist who seems to be linked to dragons, and Nina is a magic-using princess of a country named Windia (Wyndia).

There is, however, a twist shown shortly enough along–there is a second controllable character linked to dragons, who has awakened from a long sleep, named Fou-Lu. I won’t go into details here about him, but this inclusion makes the game interesting all by itself.

This game features the return of combo abilities in battle, as well as learning abilities from goons you encounter in battles. It also retains the Master system from the last title.

The music, while I personally liked III’s more (largely because it had a huge jazzy feel, no other reason) is still well done, fitting well where it is and not being annoying. The sound effects similarly weren’t choppy or off in their recording that I could detect. Sound and Music: 8/10

The visuals were, in some ways, superior to III. The designers definitely learned from their time spent on III and made things appear less… how to put this? Polygonal. Moving the camera doesn’t show you all of the graphical jagged edges that III would previously (not that it was off-putting, this was pre-PS2, you worked with what you had). Also, the characters’ portraits actually change during conversation to better show emotion with the dialogue. Graphics: 9/10

A lot of people seem to argue as to whether this game or Breath of Fire III are the better of the two in the series. I say to you that both are good in very different ways, and that you should give them both a whirl. They both have very good stories (Though IV felt a tad too short for me by comparison, a personal opinion) with funny characters, though I would nearly suggest that IV’s characters have more humor to them individually than III’s, whose humor comes more overall.

IV’s story is interesting and fresh to the series, and if I had any complaints, it is only that we don’t get to know anything close to the full story of Fou-Lu, which you’ll understand if you pick this title up ;) Try it out!

Translation Description:

Breath of Fire IV is after part No. 3 the second game that has been released for the PlayStation within Europe - unfortunately only in American English. This is the first complete translation of Breath of Fire IV from American English to German language. The translation also includes all graphics within the game.

The old font has been improved due to a better legibility and to achieve more space for additional text. Furthermore the whole text has been provided with a DTE-compression.

All text boxes and menus have been adjusted.

German subtitles have been added to the intro.

Some characters speak dialect to make the game as authentic as the original one.

The censored scenes which can be found in the Japanese version aren’t included yet. The names of the enemies weren’t translated either. However it’s still in progress and maybe one day there’ll be an updated version to fix these missing points too.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • For the patch the NTSC-U-version of the game is required. There're two patches available - Disc at once (DAO) and Track at once (TAO). Take care that you use just one of them and not both at the same time.
  • ---------------------------------------------------------
  • Serial: SLUS-01324
  • ---------------------------------------------------------
  • BOF4 Beta v4 DAO.xdelta
  • Type: Disc at Once Image (Single File Image)
  • Size: 688.315.152 Bytes
  • CRC32: db4f4706
  • MD5: 96d1bec91f1c8e956a94dd7dd7326d9b
  • SHA1: ccf902616e6275adec54392302d6cbde9b3b1380
  • ---------------------------------------------------------
  • BOF4 Beta v4 TAO.xdelta
  • Type: Track at Once Image (Seperated File Image,
  • Link:
  • Size: 645.066.576 Bytes
  • CRC32: 29d0f94c
  • MD5: 145a7d7ac3469fcb974bbb309ebd61b1
  • SHA1: 24be71b32aeb52a930bc08dccda5db61e904de8a


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
leitwolfTranslationScript Editing & Revision
TundraG3ckOGraphicsBeta Test
POETranslationScript Editing & Revision

User Review Information

Worthy and entertaining translation

Reviewed By: Poe on 01 Jan 2022

Breath of Fire IV for the PlayStation was the first game of the series that I played on this console. After experiencing Part I and II on the SNES my expectations were pretty high. Well, I wasn’t disappointed at all.

As far as I know this is the first and only German translation and I think its pretty well done. I like the story the most in comparison to the former parts. I also like how some characters talk in different ways and dialects. I can imagine that it’s been quite difficult to transfer the dialects into German but in my opinion the result is quite good.

Now I can enjoy the whole game with its story in German and I like it so much wherefore I recommend it to other fans either. You should really give it a try and travel with Ryu and Fou Lu through the world of Breath of Fire IV - it’s worth it.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Worthy and entertaining translationPoe01 Jan 20221.0Yes