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Live a Live

Super Nintendo

Game Description:

Live A Live is an odd sort of game. At base, it’s an RPG. What makes it different is it’s separated into chapters. One has you playing as a cowboy, another as ninja, a third as martial arts master and his disciples. All the chapters are quite different. The ninja chapter, for instance, involves being a stealthy sneak and assissinating your rival without killing anyone else, or being a killing machine and cutting a swath through all the guards. The wrestler’s chapter plays almost like a fighting game, as he faces off against his opponents one-on-one until he is the champ. All the characters join up at the end for the final chapter. I know, it sounds like Saga Frontier, but trust me, this game is actually good.

Translation Description:

Spanish Translation of “Live A Live” for the Super Nintendo. It includes the Spanish accentuations, ¡ and ¿ for each font of the different characters of the game. Based on the incredible English Translation of Aeon Genesis.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Live A Live (Japan).sfc/smc
  • File Size 2.00 MB
  • File MD5 C223DE99D22665B62C91E02727963BD4
  • File SHA-1 F626B0B767D11C62C5CB3F8D1D0171FE5DEB4245
  • File CRC32 6291EE08


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Max1323HackingHacking & Translation to Spanish
Gideon ZhiOriginal HackingOriginal Hacking Leader

User Review Information

Thanks for doing this translation.

Reviewed By: YoshiWhite62 on 10 Nov 2021

Without a doubt I did not know this game a few years ago thanks to the English translation, but I always expected a Spanish translation of this game and later we finally had a translation. Thank you very much for doing this translation to be able to know many of the SquareSoft jewels that were exclusive to Japan!

Version 1.2 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Thanks for doing this translation.YoshiWhite6210 Nov 20211.2Yes