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Mother 2 Deluxe

Hack of EarthBound


The new 2.0 version of Mother 2 Deluxe is a VAST improvement over the old 1.31 version that was here in

A very small selection of major new features:

  • Massively rebalanced to make the game more fair and less arbitrarily difficult.
  • Jeff has his own Tools menu of his special items to free up his inventory.
  • Many new battle animations for PSI and Jeff’s Tools.
  • New final dungeon to tie Mother 2 and 3 together.
  • Your Places (formerly known as Your Sanctuaries) that can be skipped until later (Lilliput Steps, Milky Well, Magnet Hill, and Pink Cloud) now auto upgrade their enemies and bosses over time to stay at your power level all game.
  • Enemies completely reprogrammed to be very intelligent. Bosses and stronger enemies can detect status ailments on them and heal themselves.
  • New PSI and PSI arrangements and costs.
  • New battle sprites and enemy overworld sprites.


Hack requires EBP (Earthbound Patcher) in order to patch.

Does not play nice with Snes9x and Zsnes (why are you using Zsnes!?) Recommended emulators are BSNES and Mesen-S.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: EarthBound (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210222-050638)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: D67A8EF36EF616BC39306AA1B486E1BD3047815A
  • File/ROM CRC32: DC9BB451



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
MessianicDesignEverything other than ASM hacking, and a small amount of ASM
The KirbyHackingASM hacking all previous versions

User Review Information

It was like playing the game new again.

Reviewed By: Runic on 08 Nov 2021

The Mother/Earthbound series as far as games go isn’t what I would call challenging. Sure they aren’t “journalism mode easy of course” but nothing really stands out as difficult for this series. Even Mother 1/Earthbound Beginnings isn’t that hard as far as what NES games can pull really.

The re-balanced difficulty was already a high point about this hack’s history in the past and now 2.0 is a much more different beast than the older versions. Messianic’s gone above and beyond the quality of their previous versions in it. It is still a very good challenge and most of the where bad luck might be the only reason why you lose have all been mostly removed (besides a few fights like Ness’ Nightmare where Flash could ruin your day no matter what now even with a Star Pendant for example).

To talk about the good and new stuff. Stuff this newer version of the hack offers:

Liliput Steps, Milky Well, Magnet Hill, and Pink Cloud now “level up” if you leave them alone in game. As in there are 4 versions of each foe in these places that get stronger as the game goes on, maxing out at levels so they could be a challenge to a party ready for Fire Spring almost (Fire Spring is still the last one you will visit now still for this hack no matter what unlike base EB). These are worth playing as well cause the foes have new drops as well. Goddess ribbon from a certain foe at the hardest Pink Cloud anyone (goddess ribbon is good in this hack unlike vanilla EB).

PSI/Skills are more balanced amount the party. Ness learns all the physical shields and they are very good in this hack just cause of the damage being higher on the foe side and also cause they block special attacks (as in stuff that isn’t PSI but like a bomb blast of course), Healing Alpha is now vanilla Beta for healing and Gamma is now Omega (but cheaper). The new healing Beta hits the full party with beta. Flash is super deadly on foes (a bit too deadly on foes for the higher levels, almost a win button if a foe is weak to flash). Hypnosis still isn’t good but paralysis for those it works on is still great. Ness’ order he learns PSI is more useful as well. Shield of light is level 4 for example.

Rockin is unchanged damage and mechanic wise but made cheaper than Starstorm on average now. Which you’d think with Ness’ end game PP pool that would break the game and even break the game before hand but this is actually a bit of a nerf because foes in DX are faster on average than vanilla so it actually is harder to fight with Ness but that is easily fixed by end game. So yeah, Ness’ slow speed is a real disadvantage to him in this hack unlike in vanilla EB. This does help work with his main party role of trying to be the healer though so its sort of in character role really. And yeah the character role of Ness going god mode in end game still means you won’t have to really worry about fighting with Ness there but the struggle to get there will be harder since base Ness is so slow making the dodge rate of foes a real thing.

Ness weapon wise does have some help for the start of the game where they are most useful yo-yo and slingshots have new traits to them in this hack in general. Yo-yo weapons hit a row of foes and slingshots pierce shields. This is somewhat useful for the start of the game yes but when your party gets stronger and Jeff gets shield killer or neutralizer they are sort of made a non useful anymore (trick yo-yo and combat yo-yo are sadly not needed still). So yeah Ness really ends up with a bat still but that is fine. This brings up that Ness’ party helps with damage and combat more than he does as well for this.

Paula gets a super buffed Thunder and learns all 4 levels of it. Thunder does 2x damage vs metal foes (great when tons of end game foes ARE metal) and hits more. This is on top of it breaking psychic shields of course still. Granted Thunder only does 1 damage vs energy foes which there are a lot of so Paula gets to play around with the elements some to try and find what works best still. Fire is the odd one out because it really is just bad for the party to be hit by it vs foes usually but Fire is cheaper now to help that. Offense up and Defense down are useful. Mother 2’s stat boosters are rather worthless minus sudden guts pills but DX makes them useful by giving a point of buff between Mother 3’s ranges (so not as broken as casting 3 rounds of them but very good). Naturally all these changes to psi means making foes stronger as well of course. So moves that are just psi attacks are tons more deadly now which brings up Jeff’s role.

Jeff’s tools have all been changed so that they are better. I mean the broken ones are nerfed of course. Bottle rockets are nerfed so they aren’t win buttons. Bazooka’s location order is made so you aren’t getting something broken just by going to Magnet Hill at the game’s 1/2 point (I mean Bazooka is still uber good on its own, replaces Jeff’s normal attack still. But the reduced power does maybe let you think if it would be worth it to reduced defense some, and heavy bazooka is Jeff’s uber drop now instead of Gaia Beam which the broken part for that is bought and fixed sooner). Jeff is also packing vanilla Paula’s base speed now to help the tool use while Paula is a bit slower (which doesn’t really affect her combat use cause she is a spell caster and they don’t go off speed). Slime Generator hits a row of foes. Shield Killer doesn’t miss. Neutralizer is even buffed even if it is the same thing cause stat buffs are more dangerous now and a new status situation is a thing in this hack that makes it very important for some battles (you won’t beat Rainy Circle easily w/o it). Jeff’s other tools are for reducing damage and he has a new one that uses offense down on foes. Shields are still the best for keeping the party safe but this does help because you could use it to reduce the damage and let you keep psychic shield or DX’s refresh status on!

So yeah speaking of refresh now. Pu in this hack. Loses PK Freeze, Thunder, Shields. Gains PK Beam, Refresh, and Speed up. All with animations now for this version if you have played an old version before! Pu now has his own party role instead of just being a Red Mage of sorts. Learning other PSI in the series isn’t the end of it though since 2.0 isn’t the final version of this hack just so you all know.

Yeah balance wise for this. I got through Deep Darkness after just getting to level 55 with Ness for example on a blind play. And really only ended up grinding more cause the RNG wouldn’t give me the old Sword of Kings after at Stonehenge. The drop rate is no longer 1/128 for this but rather 1/64 which is a bit more doable. But those rates could cause you some trouble still.

There are a few glitches in this. Enemy spawns could show up off map or not trigger to join their allies for example at battle start (you will see it in Stonehenge easily). Also for giving each foe an overworld sprite it actually made some fights easier in some situations. Ghost of Starman and Final Starman are foes you don’t want to mess (really all Starman foes are tbh in this) with but because of how their sprite works you can pretty much make them fodder if you approach them right. Of course if you do get sneak attacked by them teleporting…good luck. Granted Starmen are a plus and minus situation. There are still mostly easier battle approach options. Human foes and foes like the reactor robots due to having somewhat easy to sneak up on or run away from sprites make dealing with them a lot easier.

But yeah those are minor issues. There are a few glitches (don’t let Jeff hold the Franklin Badge when fixing the Shield Killer at this time). Plus I’m also one that likes certain localization changes compared to what they officially were (well hit and miss) but yeah that is a minor thought again.

This hack and its version is great. I didn’t even go anywhere near into all the features and stuff in it with this essay. 2 thumbs up!


Version 2.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Fresh Take on an Old Classicstarrylunar30 Jan 20232.0Yes
Good for veterans, bad for newcomersScoutNess20 Sep 20222.0Yes
A mixed bag that’s worth checking out.Saph24 Jun 20222.0Yes
Complete joke of a romhackliquicl01 Apr 20222.0No
Good Hack for someone Looking for a challenge.TheOmegaPaladin30 Jan 20222.0Yes
It's like playing for the first time againMenderMan11 Dec 20212.0Yes
An amazing way to revisit the gameCloyd06 Dec 20212.0Yes
The Definitive Earthbound ExperienceMegaHarv22 Nov 20212.0Yes
Mother 2 in an entirely new way!SNESS21 Nov 20212.0Yes
Has potential, but struggles with balance.Teacyn19 Nov 20212.0No
A must for any and all Earthbound fans!Amber Phantom09 Nov 20212.0Yes
One of the best Mother 2 hacks I've seenYoshiWhite6209 Nov 20212.0Yes
Re-balanced Difficultybreak08 Nov 20212.0Yes
It was like playing the game new again.Runic08 Nov 20212.0Yes
The difficulty rebalance is great... but a couple bugs creep in.tacticalcraptical23 Apr 20211.31Yes
The Good and the Badmagictrufflez20 Oct 20151.31Yes