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NES/FC version of the popular 2048 game.

Font and number tile graphics were used with permission from 2048 Mega Drive/Genesis version by Oerg866. The game uses FamiTone2 audio library by Shiru. Many thanks to Shiru and Oerg866.

The sources are available as part of neskit project in where sources are in examples/2048/ directory.




RHDN Homebrew ImageRHDN Homebrew Image

User Review Information

2048 - or a good port of a simple game

Reviewed By: diablo666 on 03 Nov 2021

I met this game on iOS phone systems. A simple idea, a simple implementation, a simple game for a break.

Did the NES analog cope with this task? Yes!

Everything also works as intended. Namely, “Connect the same blocks and bring the game to 2048″

Version Rev #5 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Good puzzleYoshiWhite6207 Nov 2021Rev #5Yes
2048 - or a good port of a simple gamediablo66603 Nov 2021Rev #5Yes
Unique Packed Retro PuzzleThatPlayer104 Nov 2021Rev #5Yes
Solid 2048 remake60715 Jan 2017Rev #5Yes