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F-Zero - Climax

Game Boy Advance

Game Description:

F-Zero Climax, released in 2004 on the GBA, is both the last F-Zero game and a Japanese exclusive. The game features improved graphics over previous GBA entries, introduces new vehicles and characters, a includes a full storyline, and more.

The most unique feature F-Zero Climax boasts is a robust track editor. You can create tracks from various pieces, share them via password or link cable, and play them both solo and in multiplayer.

F-Zero Climax contains a large amount of unlockables and secrets, including both gameplay modes and story content. There is Grand Prix, Time Trial, Zero Test, Survival Mode, and more, all available to test the player’s piloting skill. Story content includes full synopses of story chapters, character profiles, and vehicle profiles.

F-Zero Climax’s story follows Rick Wheeler and the Galaxy Mobile Platoon’s racing escapades. Rick Wheeler is awoken from “cold sleep”, only to find his arch-nemesis Zoda still alive and well 100 years later. Will the Galaxy Mobile Platoon take down Zoda and his Dark Million organization?

Translation Description:

In the year 2004, the last F-Zero game was released in Japan. But it was never released in the West… Until now! This unofficial translation was made to feel as if it had been released officially in English, with everything translated and localized. So, don’t miss the last adventure of Rick Wheeler… BOOST FIRE!!!

We really hope everyone enjoys it!

Credits for the current patch: Pichuscute: Translator (JP to EN)- h3rmit: Hacking, Graphics/Text Editing - FerozElMejor: Testing, Organization, Advisor - Normmatt: Hacking, Text Editing - augitesoul: Advisor

Special thanks to people from older patches: Clank Hughes - Guy Perfect - Heian -

Note: This patch uses a few graphics from older translations.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: F-Zero - Climax (Japan)
  • Database: No-Intro: Game Boy Advance (v. 20210227-023848)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 6EB9208C493E8BAA43ECC0DACF71A8CB631BE7CA
  • File/ROM CRC32: DBDC71E3


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
h3rmitHackingGraphic and text tools/edition
PichuscuteTranslationTranslation from Japanese to English
NormmattHackingTools for profiles/storyline and text wide fixing
augitesoulScript Editing/RevisionAdviser
FerozElMejorScript Editing/RevisionTesting, organization, adviser

User Review Information

Great work! Very polished! Please add optional JP names.

Reviewed By: FantomLion on 31 Oct 2021

This is a very well done patch. I’ve started playing this game recently so I was stoked to find a finished English patch for this. Everything is well translated and looks like an official release.

Would it be possible to have an optional patch to keep the Japanese names for Ryu Suzaku, Clank Hughes, and Miss Killer?

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A Must Have for F-Zero FansDarthMarino03 Nov 20211.0Yes
Great work! Very polished! Please add optional JP names.FantomLion31 Oct 20211.0Yes
Excellent translation of the best F-Zero for GBAYoshiWhite6230 Oct 20211.0Yes
Damn nice!RomHablay30 Oct 20211.0Yes
Fans do what Nintendon't, indeedRed Soul30 Oct 20211.0Yes