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This is probably the most thourough in depth savestate editor I’ve ever seen. This will tear your ZSNES and SNES9x savestaes apart and give you detailed hardware state information! This is a must have for anyone doing anything savestate related for the SNES. (Source code can be found on the author’s site.


User Review Information

Excellent Utility

Reviewed By: Nightcrawler on 31 Mar 2021

VSNES is useful in so many ways. It’s useful for both homebrew and ROM hacking, and it’s priceless when it comes to learning. The way it’s laid out with full hardware state information is second to none. Full register status is provided and much additional useful information regarding related video parameters and functionality. You can dissect the current screen, edit nearly any aspect of the system, and have a variety of information exporting capabilities. You really need to spend some time using VSNES to appreciate and understand its full capabilities.

The author has consulted with some of the most knowledgeable people in the SNES community to try and get displayed behavior and information as accurate as possible, so you can rely on the information presented to you in 99% of the cases. Since it can only view a moment in time, it obviously is limited to what it can show for HDMA or other mid frame effects, but that’s probably its only limitation.

Its on the fly editing abilities allow you to edit tilemaps, VRAM data, palette data etc, all on the fly to construct and preview changes you may want to make to the game. That’s great for homebrew and pre-hack ROM hacking.

It can also great to use for debugging. When you get a black screen, graphics don’t show up right etc, it’s far quicker to load a savestate in VSNES and get the whole picture of the condition of the system rather than try and debug lines of code and figure out where a problem is. In one minute, you’ll see that you got that bit set wrong in that PPU register, or your tile calculation on background 2 was wrong etc.

VSNES has changed the way I do SNES homebrew and ROM hacking for the better and I’d recommend it to all!

Version 2.91 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Only snes9x cht editor that works!noabody31 Oct 20172.91Yes
Excellent UtilityNightcrawler31 Mar 20212.91Yes