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Floating IPS



Floating IPS is an IPS patcher, intended to replace Lunar IPS.

  • Can apply multiple patches at once. (Can’t create multiple patches at once, though; make a batch file if you need that.)
  • Generated patches are (usually) (slightly) smaller (both LIPS and Flips are fully capable of applying patches generated with the other.)
  • Can apply and create patches through the command line (note that it’s a hybrid console/GUI apps, and cmd doesn’t really like that, so the output gets misplaced. It acts sanely if called from a batch file.)
  • Can apply a patch and run it in an emulator without forcing the user to create temporary files.
  • Can handle files containing characters outside the 8-bit character set.
  • Can apply and create BPS patches.
  • Includes a Linux build


User Review Information

Great For Large BPS Files

Reviewed By: Immorpher on 24 Oct 2021

I was using the beat patcher and it worked great for small files, but as the file sizes started to approach 20 MB it became quite slow. However Floating IPS works like a charm and generates BPS files in a fraction of the time. I now include it as an autopatcher in my batch scripts to for various mods as well! A great program overall for the modding community!

Version 1.31 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Great For Large BPS FilesImmorpher24 Oct 20211.31Yes
Wow! I never thought this show was so cool.Vallenatero201503 May 20211.31Yes
If you like LunarIPS, use this insteadKazuto29 Apr 20211.31Yes
Works great with Linux!Weicxiable17 Jan 20171.31Yes
Mostly the same but better.Chronosplit07 Feb 20211.12Yes