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Kid Funky



Play with Kid Funky to reach the FUNK !

Gameplay and graphics are very simple. Created with NESmaker

Enjoy !



User Review Information

Fun and Difficult

Reviewed By: ormannay on 19 Oct 2021

As a demo this is a great game. With minimal checkpoints and unforgiving difficulty later on Kid Funky makes it fun through tight controls. Be warned, the protagonist has a very floaty jump, this is very intentional though and works well with the game design.

It’s reminescent of other Gaiden difficult homebrews/games like Battle Kid but is limited in the number of enemies and things to look at. The level designs are fun but the background looks like something out of Atari. In the beginning it could be difficult to differentiate the regular surfaces from the insta-death surfaces.

If this game had music, better background sprites, more enemies, it would be perfect.

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Fun and Difficultormannay19 Oct 20211.1Yes