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The Basics of Bases



The basics of number bases and hexadecimal geared toward the newest of the new to ROMhacking.


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Concise and easy to digest

Reviewed By: CRT_rex on 12 Oct 2021

I’m just starting, still at the binary, but lo and behold, I calculated that 11011011 is 219, and that 1010110101 is 693! What was a bunch of meaningless ones and zeros to me at first now can be translated into a number I can understand. I know it’s a very small thing, but to see the number I came up with coincide with an online converter was just a great feeling and a small victory for me. And that’s the very beginning of the document, I can’t wait to read on and squeeze every bit of knowledge I can. I’m so happy and excited about this, it’s just so great to learn new things. Thank you, Neil! And thanks to the website for putting together a guide on how to started with lots of info, I’m very grateful.

Version 1.5 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Concise and easy to digestCRT_rex12 Oct 20211.5Yes
SuperbIsralyn26 Dec 20171.5Yes
Coolowensans14 Feb 20161.5Yes