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River City Girls... of Rage

Hack of Streets of Rage 2


I. Overview:

River City Girls ..of Rage: Gameplay Teaser Trailer

This hack allows the player to play as for characters from River City Girls, and fight against bosses from this game!

II. Features:

  • Characters replaced by Misako, Kyoko, Riki and Kunio.
  • All playable characters can run.
  • All playable characters can change direction and turn around while running.
  • All playable characters can jump further while running.
  • The command to run (f, f) becomes more sensitive.
  • The game has Juggling.
  • All of the characters’ attacks are similar to those from River City Girls
  • Neutral Air Attack(Jump+B) is now Air to Air. Works great for juggling an opponent in a corner or while playing in Co-op, but can miss when attacking a ground target.
  • You can choose the same characters.
  • Player characters have animation recovery when they escape from being thrown (up + C).
  • Charge attacks require holding B for only 2/3 second.
  • Offensive Special no longer costs player’s own health.
  • If the player presses A while running, the player’s character will perform Offensive Special (in the original game, nothing will happen).
  • You can use the Defensive Special and Offensive Special when you capture the enemy.
  • You can use the Defensive Special and Offensive Special when grabbing an enemy from behind.
  • KO count of the players is displayed.
  • Mania difficulty is directly accessible.
  • Stage selection is available.
  • Replaced all bosses except Mr. X
  • The voices also match their characters.
  • Added 6-Button gamepad Support. Back attack now is Y-button

III. Movie List:

Riki - Kunio’s rival, closest friend and Kyōko’s boyfriend. Much calmer and stoic than Kunio, he lets his legendary stone fists do the talking. Kaiji Tang voices him in the game.

  • Piledriver: Grab an enemy, press C, and then press B quickly.
  • Vault: Grab an enemy, press Down+C.
  • Fatal Steps: Jump and press down + B
  • Air to Air Attack: Neutral Jump + B
  • Correct Hairstyle: Forward, forward, B
  • Stone Launcher: Press Y or BC at the same time
  • Acro Dragon: Forward A
  • Stone Hands: A

Kyoko - Cute, cheerful and bubbly, Kyōko is Misako’s friend for life and Riki’s girlfriend. She is voiced by Kira Buckland.

  • Head Stomp: Jump and press down + B
  • Cheer Drill: Forward jump + B
  • Air to Air Attack: Neutral Jump + B
  • Dab!: Forward, forward, B
  • Donkey Parry: Press Y or BC at the same time.
  • Dragon Feet: Forward A (Kyoko yell “ORA ORA” in forward special)
  • Handstand Kick: A

Misako - Kunio’s hot-blooded girlfriend, snarky, impulsive and always ready for a fight. Kayli Mills provides her voice in the game.

  • Jump Hammer: Jump and press down + B
  • Dropkick: Forward jump + B
  • Air to Air Attack: Neutral Jump + B
  • Rolling Punch: Forward, forward, B
  • Spiral Uppercut: Press Y or BC at the same time. (powerful anti-air)
  • Stone Hands: Forward A
  • Backpack Swing: A

Kunio - The hot-blooded tough guy with a good heart and Misako’s boyfriend. He has been in multiple fights and sports competitions, which has made him an infamous hero. He is voiced by Greg Chun in the game.

  • Air Hurricane Kick: Jump and press down + B
  • Super Kick: Forward jump + B
  • Air to Air Attack: Neutral Jump + B
  • Flying Knee: Forward, forward, B
  • Sauna Towel: Press Y or BC at the same time. (Weak strike with a large area)
  • Hot-Blooded Punch: Forward A
  • Hurricane Kick: A

Used sprites:

IV. v0.9.80. Changelog:

  • Explosion bug fix;
  • Recolor levels;
  • Added weapon drop patch;
  • Restore weapon for all enemys;
  • Added sound when pressing B + C (Y) for all characters;
  • Riki, Misako and Kunio’s sprites were retouched, about 200 sprites;
  • Added mini portret for all new boss;
  • Added shadow for all characters and all new boss;
  • Added no Friendly Fire Patch;
  • Added Bug fix Patch;


  • Changed special forward + A;
  • New Blitz attack (forward forward + B), now it’s like in the original game River City Girls;
  • B + C hit calibrated, hitboxes tuned, damage reduced, in general it became much better;

Developer’s comment - It was rather inconvenient to play for Ricky, blitz attack is difficult to hit, forward + A is everyone interrupts. Now he is like all other characters in gameplay, you should not be afraid of an accidental flight to heaven when trying to take a chicken.

V.v0.9.82. Changelog:

  • Added Mana System by Dha Lau Hoo
  • The player can gain MP by hitting the enemies: Each hit will increase MP by 1.
  • Throwing an enemy will increase MP by 2. Piledriver (Riki only) will increase MP by 3.
  • Offensive special attacks do not increase SP.
  • The maximum value of MP is 100.
  • Player can perform offensive special attack by pressing forward and A only if he have 20 MP.
  • Tea and coffee help the player to recover MP. A cup increases player MP by 10. A pot increases player MP by 20.

Have fun!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • rominfo : No-Intro Name: Streets of Rage 2 (USA)
  • (No-Intro version 20130710-102701)
  • ROM/File SHA-1: 8B656EEC9692D88BBBB84787142AA732B44CE0BE



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
savokHackingRiver City Girls ..of Rage Developer
Docm@n88hzHackingSpecial with screenshake, and lot other help
Dha_Lau_HooOriginal HackingAlmost all new code is taken from his different hacks.

User Review Information

Really liked this hack

Reviewed By: Thaliall on 10 Oct 2021

I am a fan of both River City Ransom and Streets of Rage, and for me this hack was pure joy. It’s not a simple sprite replacement, the characters have their animations and moves, from the original game. That made all more fun - the only downside is that now I want more… and I thought that Yamada could fit better in the Amusement Park stage imo.

Version 0.9.82 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Great work!wilsonics15 Aug 20220.9.82Yes
Really liked this hackThaliall10 Oct 20210.9.82Yes
Truly fun hack!Cupcom5/NGKFlower11 Jul 20210.9.82Yes
One of the best Streets of Rage 2 hacks and a great beat 'em up!!RHZ03 Mar 20210.9.80Yes
Working on real hardwarepikangs17 Oct 20190.6.2Yes
Amazing!Jaz01 Oct 20190.6.2Yes