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Chrono Trigger Texteditor

Game Specific


This program will help you to change the text in Chrono Trigger. It will calculate the compression for you, so you can fit in even more text than before. Just write your text and this program will handle the rest. You can save your work into a Project File or directly to a Chrono Trigger ROM.


User Review Information

A simple, but effective text editor.

Reviewed By: Recca on 02 Oct 2009

Chrono Trigger Texteditor is an easy and very useful utility to use for editing the various in game text found in Chrono Trigger or translating to another language. It offers text expansion and even has a compression function of its own build in when saving to Rom. Although you still have to be careful when editing text since expanding it would mean that the text might come out of the border. An example of this is the screen when switching party members. You may not want to expand the text in that too much…

This utility supports English, French, German letters and a few from other European languages as well. Examples of supported unicode letters: the Acute and Circumflex accents on “a”, “e” and “i”.

To be able to re-name characters and have it properly displayed in the game, the Hex bytes for them have to be known and used instead of the game’s default names. Luckily, I’m going to save you guys some time and add them in this review as well:

  • Crono - {13}
  • Marle - {14}
  • Lucca - {15}
  • Robo - {16}
  • Frog - {17}
  • Ayla - {18}
  • Magus - {19}
  • Epoch - {20}
  • Party character #1 - {1B}
  • Party character #2 - {1C}
  • Party character #3 - {1D}
  • Cro (Crono’s nick name which was change to Crono in the English version. Not at all useful since it will just display “Crono”.) - {1A}
  • Nadia - {1E}
  • Music sign (Used by Gato.) - {EE}
  • Hearts (Used by Flea.) - {F0}

Special thanks to justin3009 from the board for pointing out a lot of these to me when I had just begun using this program! There’s a few more, but they don’t seem to have any visual effect in the game. I may be wrong though so experiment with them!

Overall, this is a very simple and effective utility for editing or translating the text found in Chrono Trigger. It’s a great program to use for those who are new to romhacking or for those who are just lazy to use a general hex editor such as myself! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Effective, but with quite a few flawsvince9419 Apr 2014N/AYes
Caveat Emptor and all thatobscurumlux0127 Jan 2014N/ANo
A simple, but effective text editor.Recca02 Oct 2009N/AYes