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Megaman X - Zero Playble Canonical Sprites

Hack of Mega Man X


This is a hack for Megaman X that was found in a Youtube video.

It’s a improvement over the latest version ( because now it uses the canonical sprites from Zero in the events of Megaman X.

This hack still uses the original texts.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Mega Man X (USA) (Rev 1)
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210222-050638)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: C65216760BA99178100A10D98457CF11496C2097
  • File/ROM CRC32: DED53C64




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
Programer PeruOriginal Hacking

User Review Information

Beautiful Sprites, But Needs Streamlining

Reviewed By: korius on 09 Oct 2021


  • Excellent Zero sprites (shot position is changed to account for Zero’s height)
  • X3-Accurate Life Bar
  • “Weapon Get” screen includes a decent custom Zero


  • Mediocre Special Weapon palettes
  • Poor script grammar
  • Unnecessary boss pattern changes
  • Flame Mammoth’s Heart Tank is impossible to acquire

Score: 7/10

It’s everything I ever wanted from a playable Zero hack, but then it goes and adds a bunch of unnecessary changes. If the boss pattern changes were put in their own patch, Flame Mammoth’s stage was fixed, the script was proofread, and the Special Weapon palettes were tightened up, then this would be a 5/5 hack. Still, I enjoyed it very much and it is definitely the best X1 sprite edit out there.

Version 1.0.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
The Zero Prototype That’s So Close To Authenticitydarkgamer36014 Nov 20211.0.0Yes
Beautiful Sprites, But Needs Streamliningkorius09 Oct 20211.0.0Yes
Remove the Cloned Bosses and we're done.RealGaea20 Sep 20211.0.0No
Dirty Job But The Best Thus FarEldrethor20 Sep 20211.0.0Yes