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This is an editor of the game data for FFI: Dawn of Souls (GBA version, US or US modified by Jeff Ludwig’s 3.5 patch, see

Version 2.7c – added Encounter Rate Tables (global) – chance of encounter by step for 16 steps. Updated reference files (Thanks rabite!)

Version 2.7b update: added Encounter Rates by floor of dungeons; fixed Gil 65535 from chests.

Version 2.6d update: Error fixes, including blank spell descriptions (Thanks Maeson!), and Thief/Ninja Monk/Master level-up stats were swapped (Thanks rabite!)

Version 2.6 update: A host of new features, including editing of treasures, spiked tiles, shops, weapons animations, and monster graphics. Also, the program now outputs separate files for each category in a subfolder for easier editing.

Version 2.1b update: Added description text (weapons/armor/spells/items), and variable-length names of (weapons/armor/spells/items/monster names). Small bug fixes.

Version 2.0 update: Added the treasure chest data, shop data, monster encounters, regions (groups of monster encounters), and cleaned up some old mistakes.

There are two executable files – DataPull creates a text file based on the ROM’s current data for weapons, armor, characters, spells, etc, which you can then edit with a text editor and save. The other file, ReadWrite, writes the changes from the text file to the ROM. Source code (JBasic) is included as well.

A readme is included, and inline text on the generated text file helps as well.

Rom info:

  • 1805 - Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls (UA).gba
  • MD5: 5D29999685413C4D2BEC10D3160F6EE6
  • CRC32: 1B39CDAB


User Review Information

Makes life easier,

Reviewed By: Maeson on 08 Oct 2021

I’ve been using it to make my own Hack and, it is no doubt a great editor.

It takes the information out of a ROM, and creates simple to edit txt files with all the data, with each file having different things, like Monsters, Weapons or Armor. After making changes you can reinsert the data from those txt files into the game.

While Hex Editing some parts, like Weapons might not be hard, it speeds up the process dramatically; being able to see everything easily in one go and not having to deal with bit fields and such is also pretty welcomed when you have to do it for hundreds of Items, Monsters, Level Up data and more, and and on top of that, editing text with this is also easy, fast and simple, it deals with pointers and all. There’s no fuss.

So, of course I recommend it, specially now that has been updated to fix a couple things. It’s a great editor!

Version 2.6d Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Makes life easier,Maeson08 Oct 20212.6dYes
Simple with lots of optionsRabite89020 Sep 20212.6Yes