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Splatterhouse 2 "classic mask" Rick and color hack

Hack of Splatterhouse 2


This patch modifies the colors so the game looks closer to it’s prequel Splatterhouse 1 (Arcade):

  • Includes one IPS patch for fixed colors only and one for fixed colors & classic Splatterhouse 1 Rick, for the Genesis and Japanese Mega Drive version
  • All Rick animations, HUD, Title screen, mask pictures redrawn wherever possible (see readme for details)
  • some enemies and tiles slightly touched up to get more colors out of the limited 64 color workspace, e.g. stage one boss now has brown teeth, some backgrounds have more detail
  • updated to also support the Japanese version “Splatterhouse Part 2″

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Country: USA
  • CRC32 2D1766E9
  • MD5 D0D14E031B6A62C733414E1039A51DF3
  • SHA-1 59EC19EC442989D2738C055B9290661661D13F8F
  • SHA-256 D1971413ECE9B7B8B5DE8589C83BB18695710CEF31134010FB117ECF85FB3EA7
  • Splatterhouse 2 (USA) (GoodGen 2016-01-31)
  • Country: Japan
  • CRC32 9FB70301
  • MD5 EF2DC6223949EAF84F14E270874A5FFF
  • SHA-1 0C33BB0CF3DE11F52AEC8D90283B831D9D7D37AF
  • SHA-256 5FEA1AA4F31491D159DE4A85D17A74B3E4A62E95351D3B1DDDCA28301DEA93CD
  • Splatterhouse Part 2 (Japan) (GoodGen 2016-01-31)




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Rick looks awesome

Reviewed By: CRT_rex on 10 Oct 2021

I never liked the new masks, and the second one is my least favorite (along with the Turbografx-16 port from the original game). I get it, besides the fear of lawsuits, the game was trying to find its own identity, and part of it was a good mask design (which I think the 3rd and 2010 games did well, I like it), but darn it, I love the original hockey mask and the looks of it. After all, it is what the original developers actually had in mind when they created the game, there’s no arguing there.

Now, the colors here are a change of atmosphere for sure, but I do prefer the original darker colors as well, especially after watching a side-by-side comparison video. To be honest, my interest here lies with having classic Rick only, and not really anything else. So personally, I would have made three patches: fixed colors + classic Rick, fixed colors only and the one missing: classic Rick only. I spoken with a few people who would have liked that as well.

That being said, I don’t want to be a Negative Nancy or Debbie Downer here, as making those hacks involves a lot of hard work and can be a very thankless job, but I tend to go with the “as many options as possible” route, so that everyone can get what they want, even if it’s a niche interest that appeals to a small segment of people. However, that was not the author’s intention and I respect that. Still, the dream of a classic Rick change standalone hack still lingers. I’ll look into it, see what it would take to make it happen.

Version 1.00 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Rick looks awesomeCRT_rex10 Oct 20211.00Yes
A small change goes a looong way..2spaz04 Oct 20211.00Yes
Absolutely BeautifulK.K. Drunkinski23 Apr 20161.00Yes
Splatterhouse 2 never looked that fantastic before!!FeRcHuLeS23 Apr 20161.00Yes