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[TSROM/TKROM] MMC3, PRG-ROM 512 KiB, CHR-ROM 256 KiB, W-RAM 8 KiB 64×60 pixels, 2 colors (+ afterimage color), 30fps

  • During Playback

Left: Half-speed playback A: Play from start B: Stop Start: Enter the color menu Select: Change dot pattern

  • In Color Menu

Up & Down: Move cursor Right & Left: Change color B: Reset color Start: Exit menu Select: Change dot pattern



User Review Information

One to one

Reviewed By: diablo666 on 28 Sep 2021

And this is not a joke. I saw the original video on YouTube. The atmosphere, sound, and quality - to my surprise - were transferred with great care and thoroughly worked on 8 bits. I’m surprised.

Plus - in addition to the fact that it has been deliberately moved to 8 bits, it also has functions that I did not suspect. The functions - although in a limited format, but allow you to customize it-to your taste. Don’t like black and white? Then choose the palette you like.

Honestly, I was surprised and therefore, as a large-scale transfer , I will say an unequivocal YES.

Version 2.5 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
One to onediablo66628 Sep 20212.5Yes