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A short story in the style of cyberpunk. The author of the text is Dima Link. MMC1 mapper. Russian language.



User Review Information

Simple, but empty

Reviewed By: diablo666 on 25 Sep 2021

Honestly, I raised the bar of expectation from this NON-GAME. What did you expect? 1. Interactive control 2. Unusual feed 3. Playability

As a result, what do we have? Boring text on a black background (really, I was bored reading this), there is no smooth fading of the screen, there is no animation of “turning over” pages in this story, the animations are slow.

If the author wanted to achieve what was on GB with the Bible-congratulations, he did it, only slightly better. Neither the GB Bible, nor this creation-I do not go to the recommendation, because both are boring and not interesting

(Do not even try to translate into your own language, you will only lose more time. This story is not worth translating)

Version 1.01 Recommended - No

User Reviews
Simple, but emptydiablo66625 Sep 20211.01No