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Alter Ego



A port of the original (by Denis Grachev for the ZX Spectrum), Alter Ego is a puzzle game for NES. Swap positions with your “alter ego” to move about the level and obtain all the bouncing “pixels”.

The game features fun puzzles, colorful graphics, and great music. A cart label (PNG) and manual (PDF) are included.

Source Code is included.



User Review Information

Logical, ghostly and fun

Reviewed By: diablo666 on 24 Sep 2021

Honestly, I usually don’t write about games, because it’s a matter of taste.

But I came across this on a 514-in-1 pirate catridge. It was among this list of repetitive games.

The controls are good, the logic puzzles in the levels are designed in an original way. In some situations, you collect objects by a person, in others-by a ghost, and in the third case-you change their places depending on the situation. And, it was fun to play, despite the fact that there are not many levels here.

For the development of thinking, for the development of logic, for the development of reaction - this game is perfect for both older and younger people.

(Pirates, thank you for introducing this game)

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Logical, ghostly and fundiablo66624 Sep 20211.0Yes
Alter Ego on the NES reviewed at FlickeringMyth.comVillordsutch27 Sep 20161.0Yes
Great home-brew gameStratosVX26 Jul 20161.0Yes
The One of Really Recomended Homebrew Gamesananda03 Jul 2014N/AYes