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Darkwing Duck In Edoropolis

Hack of Darkwing Duck


Here is a full ROM hack for Darkwing Duck. New levels, 1 new weapons, new bosses, and new graphics have been added. The language is in Japanese but you should be able to fully play the game with no issues

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Darkwing Duck (USA).nes - NOINTRO
  • CRC32: 307D0FC4
  • MD5: 459837F4E8FCBAF29BD66ED926B6882E
  • SHA-1: 7188D8CE3D8D2A0DCD7B10FBC23A6F84FA9C4161
  • SHA-256: B7FFF97F34D7142765685C6505AD54285CFD7E847E6943BC53E432C4F25FA49C




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User Review Information

Наrd, but interesting

Reviewed By: diablo666 on 22 Sep 2021

First of all, I will note that this hack tries to completely port the levels from another game. Interesting? At least, it’s unusual.

Second: all objects, enemies and Level Design are correctly located. The original Darkwing Duck - has its own limitations, so they had to adjust it to the “place”. Did everything go well? Yes, everything turned out well, at least there were minimal losses.

I will note that we tried to work on the graphic part of the hack - completely. It is noticeable everywhere (except the main screen). This is commendable, because there is so much effort and time to invest.

The bosses have endured Colossal changes. Many people’s AI has become faster, more violent, and some have just new ones (The Final Boss has new cunning techniques and AI). They lied about the new boss… the same WolfDuck boss, only has Nega Duck sprites.

Music - remixes are perfectly made, create even more charm to the game (hack)

Recommend it? Yes. New sensations and a kind of pleasure are provided.

P.S. It turns out that this hack has been updated to version 1.1! This version in Forum in the section [NES] Level editor for Capcom and other NES games + their hacks.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Наrd, but interestingdiablo66622 Sep 20211.0Yes