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Megaman 1 - Limbo Edition

Hack of Mega Man


Megaman 1 - Limbo Edition is a hack of Megaman 1 made in 2017 and is finally being released and updated.

Version 1.1:

  • New visual style.
  • Modified Boss Battles
  • Custom weapons
  • Modified musics (Eerie, slower remixes of the originals)
  • Damage tables rebalanced
  • Modified Magnet Beam
  • Modified Level design
  • Weakness has been changed

Version 1.2:

  • Added a layer of color for the enemies to make them more visible.
  • Small modifications on the bosses to make them more bearable.
  • Ammo comsumption for weapons is modified
  • Fire Storm have been changed
  • I-frames on spikes have been added
  • Palette edits
  • Yellow Devil’s i-frames have been reworked.
  • Small tweaks on a couple of sections.
  • Added I-frames after beating a rematch boss.
  • Some songs have been tweaked to fit the style of the others.


ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Mega Man (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210216-231042)
  • File SHA-1: 2F88381557339A14C20428455F6991C1EB902C99
  • File CRC32: 5DED683E
  • ROM SHA-1: 6047E52929DFE8ED4708D325766CCB8D3D583C7D
  • ROM CRC32: 6EE4BB0A



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


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User Review Information

MМ1 - Limbo Edition - 1.0 is not "Limbo", but it is good. 1.1 - better 1.2 - Neon Style

Reviewed By: diablo666 on 26 Apr 2023

Version 1.0 - An interesting Level Design, but this… it really doesn’t look like the names of the hack. It’s called “LIMBO”.

Let’s start not with this, but with the abilities. They have become more interesting, some work longer, and some have different patterns of behavior. Everyone is a pleasure to use! Every useful one. G - ability especially. (I encounter the temporary invulnerability ability for the 4th time)

Now let’s move on to the fact that I will describe in full the stages, as I met them before my eyes. I immediately say THE WHOLE LEVEL DESIGN IS GOOD. Its content is confusing

Bombman stage - is not at all similar in style to “Limbo”, because there are bright, in some moments – juicy colors. In some locations, there are repeated elements of “Level Design”, creating a DEJA VU effect. The boss is interesting, complicated because of the walls.

FireMan stage - is really sustained by the style of “Limbo”, but also interspersed with the style of “Neon”, because the enemies seem brighter than usual. The boss is ordinary.

Cutman stage - This purple color hurts my eyes. And in dark locations – enemies, as in the style of “Neon”. The boss is more aggressive, but balanced.

ElecMan Stage – uhh… bloody sky, creepy. And because of this, the enemies have become scarier. In the dark part there are white decorations. Not bad, but it hurt for the eyes. The boss hasn’t changed a bit.

Stage Gutsman - pleasant blue shades in the dark part of the location. It is already really “Limbo” at least in this part. And what do we have in the open part of the level? Black sky … clear. But the palette is made perfectly, so it becomes my favorite level (the first favorite). What about the boss? Boring, not interesting

Ice Man - another beautiful location. At least the palette is in the open part of the level. What is in the “closed”? Ehh … sad. Nothing interesting. (But this is the second level, which I liked) The boss is ordinary.

Wily 1 - The outer shell is painful to the eyes because of the bloody color, and inside the location is more or less pleasant. But it looks more like “neon” than “Limbo”. Boss - merges with the black background. The red outline does not help. Playing against him is one pain. I’m sorry. Although the weakness is honest, but we must act with accurate shots.

Wily 2 - The outer shell is a pleasant palette, surprisingly. Inside, the location is beautiful. Although the colors are muted, but the colors are beautiful. What about the boss? It will not show anything new. There will only be a difference between the main character and the boss - the physics of abilities

Wily 3 - a location with harmonious colors. And the boss is more hardcore here, because there are no saving stones

Wily 4 - yellow color - stands out and slightly hurts the eyes. Otherwise, it is tolerable. The boss was not changed.

In the credits, the palette has deteriorated and some locations in the background look very inappropriate. This especially affected the three final characters.

The problem is in the hack - the character and some bosses (enemies) merge with the background, which is not fair. I hope this will be fixed.

BUT HERE IS A GOOD LEVEL Design, INTERESTING ABILITIES ARE MADE and the first attempt to make the game scary. If you want something new, I recommend it. (and also - fix the palette of the bosses. They look boring)

Version 1.1 - The version went ahead by a couple of heads!

It came out even better than version 1.0.

First, the graphic part: “Amazing. Now it’s a Limbo Noir style.” It looks very beautiful, unusual and in some way fascinating. Mystery and fear? Yes, it is present.

Second: Levels. They are built much better and more interesting. Really, I didn’t notice any repeating rooms. And if there were, then it is correct that they are like “Checkpoints”. Because this way the progress of creating the “Deja Vu” effect is better noticeable.

Third: Each boss has his own surprise. I even managed to notice that some of them are a kind of mixed behavior. (Noticeable in Ice man, Elec man, Cut man. From this hack, Cut man = Quick man + Cutman; From this hack, Ice man = Ice man + Quick man; from this hack, Elec man = Ice man + Elec man), however, I was surprised by the local bosses from Wily Castle: namely, the Yellow Devil. The new behavior of this boss, and a strange glitch with sprites (when he is stratified into strange spheres) - caused me a kind of fear from him. Damn, this is brilliant!

Fourth: Abilities. All are good, unique and interesting. Fire is a great shield and is good at damage. Ice is a great alternative to a Blaster. Bomb - yes, I’m a local Bomber man! Excellent damage and a large explosion radius. Electricity - Yes, this is a local weapon, similar to the game Contra. Cut - Excellent damage and instant return to the owner. Guts Stone - a reference to Megaman Power Up, excellent damage and a wide girth of enemies. Local: Magnet Beam - temporary invulnerability (sorry not from spikes).

The fifth and final: A remix of the music in the game. “High-quality and in some ways frightening and mysterious.” The MIX pleased the ear so much, it also described the stages and the atmosphere in this place (in this hack). Bravo. P.S. In Wily Castle 1-2, Wily Castle 3-4 and “BOSS TIME in Wily Stages” came out so well that I thought it was another music from another game.

After passing the: The hack caused positive emotions, a little fear and surprise, which conveyed this mysterious atmosphere of “Limbo”. Or rather, even “Limbo” and “Noir”. It is played very well, it will be interesting for others. I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IT

Version 1.2

The other day - I tried this version of the hack and can highlight the following points:

1. Invulnerability finally works to the fullest, as it should 2. Bosses are more interesting (except Elec man - he has a strange attack) 3. Simplification in the color manner and help the players. Although it has gone from the “Limbo” Style, but it also looks interesting. Or rather as: “Night” or “Neon” 4. Updating The Level Design. Slightly, but it seemed a little easier

As a person who has passed other versions, it also went to taste and therefore I also recommend this version

Version 1.0-1.2 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
MМ1 - Limbo Edition - 1.0 is not "Limbo", but it is good. 1.1 - better 1.2 - Neon Stylediablo66626 Apr 20231.0-1.2Yes
Eerie and UnsettlingMother Kojiro16 Aug 20211.0Yes
An interesting hack with some odd design choices.Scposteel11 Mar 20211.0Yes