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Capable of viewing NES graphics.


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Tile Viewer with kinks

Reviewed By: Tauwasser on 04 Aug 2009

I emulated dos via dosbox and the program ran. The readme is not very descriptive, so here are the controls:

  • Enter/Space - go another 0×2000 bytes/1 page
  • Escape - exit the program

It will tell you when it reached the last page and close after that.

That said, you should always open it with a file like the readme suggests. It will not let you return to dos if you open without a filename and it will outright crash on you if you open with an illegal filename, i.e. a file that doesn’t exist.

All in all, you are better off using a current program. Those programs usually let you roam free (not just move forwards) and you can edit graphics, too!

Recommended - No

User Reviews
Tile Viewer with kinksTauwasser04 Aug 2009N/ANo