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Battletoads - Bugfix

Hack of Battletoads


This patch fixes many of the bugs/glitches found in Battletoads, including the famous Clinger-Winger two players bug.

Many of the fixes were taken from the European version, but the level’s design remains untouched.

In some cases, the game balance was changed, because some bugs were making the game easier, and some made it harder, but overall it remains like the hardcore original.

See the ReadMe for the full changelog.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Battletoads (U) [!].nes (GoodNes 3.23b)
  • CRC32: BA9164E7
  • MD5: BBAFEAD19C25B38A5A129BB8C51AAF8D
  • SHA-1: 5C3A497A82BE60704DEDF45248B6AD9B32C855AB




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

So good so far, just one bug as the original

Reviewed By: nad84 on 20 Aug 2021

I haven’t found out new bugs aside from what I remember from the base Battletoads NES version, but I managed to do the same jumping bug you can execute anytime you get the byke in level 3 and the surf table in level 5.

Not sure if many people may know this bug since the original but, if you come running to either the byke or surf table and then perform a jump RIGHT BEFORE getting the byke or surf table, you will get a massive jump into the air (as long as you keep held the jump button, this lasts for like 5-7 seconds).

This is not something that may crash the game but still, it’s a bit off this could ever be performed since the original version and I just discovered it many years ago just by fun and is not likely a super hard bug to perform.

Either way, great to see the game may keep being updated and improved thanks to your effort into it ! Congratulations!

Edit August 20th:

Just some note and suggestions if possible to fix some issues:

1) Some guy suggested to use an unused theme from this game. I’d suggest that for Level 5 Surf City, since surf city & level 9 (terra tubes) share the same background music.

2) Disable the jump action right on the same section prior to get into the level 3 byke or level 5 surf tables, so then you can safely pick up the vehicles without getting the massive jump bug that I mentioned above.

3) Once you reach 999,999 points I’d suggest getting back to 000,000 since this would help to allow points being useful once again the moment you reach the maximum points allowed. If think you this may make the game easier, I don’t think so because then you may not reach out that many points since level 7 or 8 because the big amount of points comes mostly from levels 2-4.

I hope you can read up those suggestions, thanks again for the work into this !

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
So good so far, just one bug as the originalnad8420 Aug 20211.0Yes
Introduces more problems than it solves.Mr. Pennington02 Feb 20201.0No
This patch is simply perfectmadness flame23 Feb 20171.0Yes
This is Great !DeadMark17 Jan 20161.0Yes
Battletoads (U) - Now it's correct (24 years after)!Goros Lair31 Aug 20151.0Yes