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Imadoki no Vampire: Bloody Bride


Game Description:

I am completely of the opinion that dating sim games are the reason that I was put on this earth. I mean, any one of those girls in ANY of those games is better than any given girl in real life. I don’t think any man (or woman) can disagree with me on that point, aside from the whole, you know, sex thing.

Bloody Bride is a pretty old Playstation game, which is painfully obvious once you discover the lack of analog support and the ungodly load times (which, I later found, is the fault of my crappy Playstation). But the whole premise of the game makes up for it, I think. You’re a VAMPIRE! And you come to earth in human form because you need blood from a girl with a certain type of aura, to come into your manhood, or whatever. But the blood isn’t worth anything if it isn’t given willingly, so you have to seduce her and stuff. Hence the dating aspect. You also have to walk around and fight in battles sometimes, for reasons I don’t fully comprehend. Anyway, all the girls are cute and stuff, but I’d rather go with those helper demons of yours. That Misty is just too yummy!

Translation Description:

This patch is in PPF format, so you will need PPF-O-MATIC 3 to apply it.

This patch is nearly complete and totally playable. The only stuff that isn’t translated is stuff that doesn’t actually appear in the game (to anyone’s knowledge), so that’s pretty cool. At least as far as text goes.

The movies aren’t subtitled in the main patch (hosted here on RHDN), that’s a separate (180MB) PPF patch, which sadly is no longer hosted on the project’s site. Instead, please download this xdelta patch that includes both the text and movie patch.

Imadoki no Vampire: Bloody Bride - English Patch

So in conclusion, uh, it’s pretty much complete, except for a couple Kanji. Pretty much. Version 1.01 translates the elusive MAGROM.TXT, which makes things almost almost complete. Patching over an already-patched ISO is not recommended.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • (NOTE: serial is SLPS-00526)
  • MD5 Before patching: 5FD34371D6F9703AD89CF1D8A7C34AE1


Screenshots: Patch Patch Patch Patch Images


User Review Information

Etiquette for the modern vampire

Reviewed By: goldenband on 07 Aug 2021

It’s hard to classify Imadoki no Vampire: Bloody Bride. (Actually the title screen voiceover calls it “Bloody Bride: Imadoki no Vampire”, so it’s tricky even to get the name right.)

Is it a dating sim? An RPG? A visual novel? It’s kind of all three, though the first is probably closest to the truth.

Whatever you call it, this vampire-themed title is an absolute trip. My other half and I ended up playing through it during quarantine lockdown and had a blast. Despite the fact that it’s basically a game about sucking women’s blood, there’s an endearing, even innocent quality to it. The characters are memorable, even if some of the portraiture is rough around the edges, and the game’s sense of world-building is good enough to make it all work.

Is every aspect of the game awesome? Naah, the RPG elements are pretty basic to say the least: the random encounter rate almost seems to be on a fixed timer, and none of the combat represented any significant challenge at all. And toward the end of the game, the dating-sim aspect got to be grindy, with little room to do anything except desperately try to get our stats where they needed to be. You can easily put a lot of effort into things that don’t end up mattering at all, while overlooking something crucial.

Is the game’s fixed-width, all-caps, machine-aided translation up to contemporary standards? Certainly not, on either a technical or translational level. There are stray kanji, obvious mistranslations, and things that make no sense. But it’s charming as hell anyway. Around my house we still quote lines from it all the time (”NOISY!!”), as well as humming tunes from the game. And it has one huge advantage over all the other translations: it exists, and they don’t.

However, a word of warning. We went after Seira in our playthrough, and at Christmas during the first year, we ran into an unavoidable crash when she visits you at home and delivers the line “SINCE YOU DIDN’T COME, I WRAPPED SOME UP… THEN… I DELIVERED IT…” Emulators seem to get through this part OK, but we were playing on real hardware (a PS1 debug unit) and it crashed hard, every time.

The solution is to switch to the unpatched Japanese disc, get through this bit, and save your game. Then reboot, go back to the patched disc, and you’ll be fine. There’s a huge gap in the text between “COME,” and “I”, so there’s probably an incorrect control code in the patched script that’s causing the crash.

Purists will find things to complain about, but Infinite Lupine Translations did a terrific job with Bloody Bride, particularly as it came out in 2003! Their work is long overdue for praise, and we consider ourselves deeply fortunate to have had Phaid, Seira, Anna, Erika, and the rest to keep us company during some tough weeks.

Version 1.01 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Etiquette for the modern vampiregoldenband07 Aug 20211.01Yes