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Resident Evil 4 ISO Editor (PS2)

Game Specific


This is an editor that lets you make lots of adjustments to your Resident Evil 4 game, and will patch the changes into your iso file. Most of these values can be increased or decreased to make the game easier or harder, depending on what you want.

Things in the game you can adjust and patch into your iso:

  • Can start a new game with any weapon you want, including some unusual weapons/items.
  • Can adjust how much ammo you start with.
  • Can decide how much money you get from crates, dead bodies, etc.
  • Can adjust how much damage your weapons cause.
  • You’ll have complete control over ammo capacity amounts for many of the weapons.
  • There are several Help/Info buttons that should answer any questions. A readme is also included.
  • There are buttons to show you handy preset values, like normal and maximum amounts.
  • The editor remembers your previous adjustments and will display them the next time you open your iso file. You can also click on the “Show current values in iso” buttons to see what values you patched into the game if you’ve already used the editor. This is useful if you want to make more adjustments, but can’t remember what values you used before.
  • Only works on the USA version. Game ID = SLUS-21134. Editor checks to make sure you have the correct file/version, and won’t let you open the wrong one.


User Review Information

Easy and fun tool to use.

Reviewed By: ultimaweapon on 05 Aug 2021

Tool was very easy to use and changes not only work on emulation, but they also work on a real PS2.

Version 0.8 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Easy and fun tool to use.ultimaweapon05 Aug 20210.8Yes