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SMB Special - 35th Anniversary Edition

Hack of Super Mario Bros.


Super Mario Bros. Special is a follow-up to Super Mario Bros, originally released in Japan in 1986 for the home computer market. The game features 32 all new levels, 5 new enemies and 5 new power-ups. Due to limitations of the PC hardware, the game engine was quite poor in comparison to the Famicom/NES original. Most notable was the lack of scrolling; the PC version would instead show each screen one at a time.

This port brings the levels, new enemies and power-ups back to the Famicom/NES engine. Also included are most of the unique background changes and other features not possible with the original SMB engine. The end result is a much more playable game that feels like a legitimate sequel.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Super Mario Bros. (World)
  • Database: No-Intro: Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210216-231042)
  • File SHA-1: EA343F4E445A9050D4B4FBAC2C77D0693B1D0922
  • File CRC32: 3337EC46
  • ROM SHA-1: FACEE9C577A5262DBE33AC4930BB0B58C8C037F7
  • ROM CRC32: D445F698




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
frantikHackingLead programmer
Levi “Karatorian” AhoHackingAdditional programming

User Review Information

It's like going back to the past. A good past

Reviewed By: diablo666 on 29 Jul 2021

I really gave the green light to this project. And, honestly, I was right. Even in 2018, I said that this would be a good hack, and that the egt would be brought to its logical end. As far as I am right, the author can correct me here.

What has changed in recent years?

1. This is adhering to the Levels according to the canon of the original game. As I said earlier, the levels in terms of Design are almost one - to -one. And, this is a plus

2. Secrets and” secrets ” are adhered to almost as in the original game. Also a plus.

3. And here is a new product delivered: “New enemies and processing of the *”Bowser”* AI. New enemies fit well into the atmosphere of this game. At the expense of the AI boss, here thanks to the Author for the explanation. Indeed, as in the original, the boss has fewer hammers, but it has not become less simple.

4. New abilities and “Power Up”. We moved everything carefully and carefully.

5. Introduction OF your ideas AND IMPLEMENTATION FROM THE ORIGINAL GAME DEMO AND CREDITS! The process is so complex and carefully transferred, I just shake the author’s hand. So talented and so clear-to introduce it into the game, I can’t describe how it was done at a high level.

Many people obviously like the old palette design. Honestly, for nostalgia - you can implement it as well. BUT, Honestly, this is already for everyone “to their taste”. The picture that was from memory in 2015… and I look at what they have done now… It is very difficult to call a hack. Honestly, it’s difficult for me. In a good way, IT’S DIFFICULT. Because here the level is much higher than just a hack. This, if released on a real NES, would be the perfect sequel “SMB2 Lost Level”.

I tested this hack (when it was not yet official 1.0), watched the progress, and, with updates , it became even more interesting. To return to the past means to return to the good. And, this hack-port on the NES, brought me back to 2015.

The hack deserves the status of “A high-quality port of the original” and “A NEW GAME”. I recommend this to everyone to feel the new, which is hidden far away in the old.

Version 1.3 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Just an absolute pleasure to playbrianoblivion07 Jun 20221.3Yes
Absolutely great ! Finally a faithful enhanced remake of the lost SMB.Ligeia07 Jan 20221.3Yes
Best version of SMB special out thererhinofinger30 Oct 20211.3Yes
Press Up+Select On the Title ScreenPowerPanda08 Aug 20211.3Yes
Lost, No MoreEldrethor03 Aug 20211.3Yes
A hack many of us had hoped for for a very long timehdofu30 Jul 20211.3Yes
Awesome port!iruden30 Jul 20211.3Yes
Official level of quality for the port of this amazing game!BlueYoshi30 Jul 20211.3Yes
It's like going back to the past. A good pastdiablo66629 Jul 20211.3Yes
Never would have played SMB Special without this port/hackSupergamerguy24 Jul 20211.2Yes
This is the best SMB Special Hack yetzstandig22 Jul 20211.2Yes
Miyamoto GoldPolargames21 Jul 20211.2Yes
I never imagined this oddity in an NES game.Vallenatero201520 Jul 20211.2Yes
A new SMB experiencepleasejust20 Jul 20211.2Yes
Definative version of SMB Special•.~°♪ BEEBO •.~°♪22 Aug 20211.1Yes
Incredible port of this obscure gem!ShadowOne33319 Jul 20211.1Yes