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Area 88 EN Plus

Hack of U.N. Squadron


Area 88 EN+ is a retranslation of U.N. Squadron that keeps the original Japanese name of the game. In addition to the new translation and title screen logo, this hack rebalances the mission rewards and plane prices to encourage the use of the mid tier fighters, the F-14D Tomcat and A-10A Thunderbolt II, which most players skipped before. Both are fun planes that lead to different strategies in the mid game levels.

Additionally, this patch unlocks the gamer difficulty option and changes the firing mode to full auto fire.

Version 1.03: Now compatible with the FastROM and MSU-1 hacks!

ROM / ISO Information:

  • U.N. Squadron (USA).sfc
  • Size: 1048576, CRC32: 231F0F67, NoIntro (unheadered)
  • Also compatible with FastROM hack v001 by Vitor Vilela, apply FastROM hack first
  • -
  • Area 88 (Japan).sfc
  • Size: 1048576, CRC32: 06388F71, NoIntro (unheadered)
  • Untranslated, only reward and price changes + full auto fire




ContributorType of contributionListed credit
blizzzHackingHacking, translation, new logo
NatoriTranslationTranslation help

User Review Information

A New Take

Reviewed By: Navonod Semaj on 26 Jul 2021

Having played this game to hell and back over the past (nearly) thirty years, its refreshing to see a changeup, as well as SOMEONE with enough interest in this old classic to play around with it. But it could stand to go a little further.

In the interest of making different planes more accessible, it might be worth slashing prices across the board (F-20 at 100k; F-14D, A10-A, YF23 at 200k). Brings them out faster and encourages more toying around. F200 can remain sitting cool at a million, as it’s the only plane that’s truly OP.

Keep it up!

Version 1.01 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A New TakeNavonod Semaj26 Jul 20211.01Yes