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Mario Forever: SMW Edition

Hack of Super Mario World


This is an SMW remake of the fangame “Mario Forever” released by Buziol Games in 2004. This is based on version 4.0 of the game. Contains all 12 worlds from the original game as well as a brand-new secret world!

v1.3 - Added ability to warp back to the Hub from anywhere on the map by pressing Select.

v1.4 - Several important bug fixes, palette changes and other adjustments.

v1.5 - Improved Map Warp System and adjustments to World 9 Boss.

v1.51 - Changed World 5-1/5-3’s music and fixed a few graphical bugs.

v1.52 - Made adjustments to World 9-6.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Super Mario World (USA)
  • Database: No-Intro: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (v. 20210222-050638)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: 6B47BB75D16514B6A476AA0C73A683A2A4C18765
  • File/ROM CRC32: B19ED489



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User Review Information

An impressive remake and THEN some

Reviewed By: lu9 on 23 Jul 2021

A very impressive remake of a classic Mario fangame for Windows running on the Clickteam Fusion engine. I did not expect it to go as far as it did when it came to recreating many aspects of the original, especially the hidden secrets. All the classic secrets, from the “Human Laboratory World” to the “Mario Minix” mini-game. The Lost Map… “Funny Tanks”… all the cutscenes, hardcore worlds and more, all were impressive to see added in this hack, even if it wasn’t necessary.

The highlight is definitely World 9, which I thought was going to be The One “World 9″ that you’d find in the fan maintained “Mario Forever Remake” (a fangame of a fangame, if you will) or version 6.0 of the original Mario Forever, but I was pleasantly surprised to find an original world that truly goes above and beyond especially with the world’s boss battle. To summarize, that boss battle definitely seemed more advanced than any bowser battle made for any fanmade Mario Forever world/fangame, made with the original game’s engine, which is definitely saying something! Might be a bit more on the difficult side, but it IS more of a bonus after all. And the cherry on top, after beating it (and maybe after finding all of the other secrets as well) the SMW Special World effect is activated, changing the world map’s color palette AND music too, just as a fun additional bonus.

I think Michal Gdaniec (Buziol/Softendo) would find this to be a very pleasant homage (especially if it works on real SNES hardware, which it probably does)

(Now just add unnecessary lens flare and shine sprite plushies and “Free Maryo Games at” spam text all over the game. jk)

Now for some personal suggestions that I could give to the hack… just some things that I know might be possible given the SNES limitations, and might make the game more accurate to the source material. (Unless being “fully accurate” isn’t the main idea of the hack, of course, these are just personal notes):

  • It’s a bit weird to me personally to see this iteration of Mario with bare hands, not wearing any gloves, but that’s just me.
  • Some of the music that can be heard in the original game is understandably missing and replaced by another track with a similar vibe. But I’m pretty sure it is definitely not impossible to have most of the music from the original game ported over (including the World Map music)! It’s just a matter of people being interested in doing it. I myself have a working AddMusicK port of Rigit Obstacles/Interference Ending (the music in the World 5 levels), it’s not the BEST it could be, but gets the job done, so if interested… the partially sampled port of “Sirens” (the World 5-2 song) was pretty interesting to hear as well.
  • And speaking of sounds, the Human Laboratory levels existing was a good surprise, and while that in itself is good enough, I can’t say I didn’t miss the silly voices like the human hammer bro going “Opa!” - One thing I know is it is definitely possible to have audio clips like that to play on the SNES, if one of the most well made hacks of recent memory, Mario’s Mystery Meat, is anything to go by, even if it is partially a joke hack. Now how to do it exactly I am not sure myself. But I’m sure a couple audio clip-based sfx here and there is definitely doable.

And then there’s some “exclusive” sfx that can likely be done even with the default SMW samples, such as Bowser falling into the lava, or the “8-bit” versions of a few sounds, that are used in the original game (i.e. item sprouting from a block, stomping an enemy, etc).

  • The bonus levels “Koopa Troopa liberation” and “Starman Running”, which might’ve been added in versions AFTER 4.0 (but I’m not sure) would be some interesting things to add, if there are any plans on updating this hack further. But any bonus feature from beyond Mario Forever 5.0 is probably going to be a hard pass from everyone… lol
  • Finally here are just a couple quirks the original game had that I couldn’t help but notice are missing/different in this hack, because I’m afraid that’s just what I do, lol. But as I’ve said again, it doesn’t have to be accurate if the point of the hack isn’t that, it’s just some things I thought I’d say, such as: in the original game, Mario doesn’t use a skidding pose, and simply reduces walking speed to go to the other direction, without changing the walking pose. The beetroot suit is missing the little grass thingy seen in Mario’s hat, but that’s also just an unimportant quirk. Lakitu doesn’t hurt Mario in the original game (and he also has a couple unique audio clips for when throwing Spinies), For the World 6 castle cutscene, originally it’s the entire castle that gets shrunk to fit into the pipe, instead of the opposite, but working with Mode 7 stuff to do that might be hard… I don’t know.

As another review stated, Mario Minix is missing the combo announcement texts, And finally, there’s of course, the missing ending cutscene of the baby Marios coming out of Mario’s house “9 months later”, but… maybe that might’ve been a deliberate decision, lol

That said, this is a great hack, but probably not AS great for those who didn’t grow up with the original fangame it is recreating. Considering the current state of emulation, you can now essentially play Mario Forever on any platform whatsoever. (And for an even more “authentic experience”, I know some people hate upscaling filters, but if your emulator has an option to use Super Sai 2x, you can use that, lol)

Version 1.4 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Fantastic Remake of An Above Average Gameedwinballs18 Jun 20221.52Yes
Much improved updatealternateSMW_01 Aug 20211.5Yes
An impressive remake and THEN somelu923 Jul 20211.4Yes
A Trip Back to 2004, But Unfortunately For the WorseCasualChris17 Jul 20211.3No
This hack really meets the expectations of a fangame, especially Mario Forever.Vallenatero201515 Jul 20211.2Yes
Very faithful to the original!ChrisHighwind16 Jul 20211.2Yes