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Batman (Easy)

Hack of Batman: The Video Game


This is a hack which aims to make the Batman for NES game much easier and beatable then it originally was. I found the original to be very fun, yet difficult to beat. With this hack it’s much more possible to beat the game in one set of lives.

I edited most of the levels (including boss levels) to make them easier and have some alternate shortcuts to them rather than having to always progress through the levels on a set path. I also removed several traps and added platforms to help avoid them. Enemy health has also been adjusted to make them easier to defeat. Some bosses it is more noticeable, especially the final 2 bosses where I felt the battles were too difficult. Joker takes only a few hits to defeat, as he does in the movie. I also increased the amount of weapon ammo you get from powerups and also the health given by health powerups.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • File Name: Batman (U) [!].nes
  • CRC32: 395569ec
  • MD5: 2e9f52556273aa735d0e75649541d812
  • SHA-1: 73b33e67e3c9e1116f9fcb021b10bb1171b8696a
  • SHA-256: b309ba13d978ce2cc12bc0878886cc1560b8eacbff55015e56aa7f3609f8cfec




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User Review Information

All the fun, but without the frustration

Reviewed By: hungrybartender on 04 Jul 2021

While the original was great, it could be a little cheap from time to time. This hack keeps all the fun, while making it way easier to beat in one sitting. The bosses might be a touch easy, but the levels themselves still provide a good challenge, so it is no pushover. The funny thing is though, that even made “easy,” this version of the game is still more difficult than 95% of modern platformers. Highly recommended.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
All the fun, but without the frustrationhungrybartender04 Jul 20211.0Yes
Definately makes the game more enjoyable for the average casual gamer!redhotiron200409 Jan 20211.0Yes