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Ogorki the Hedgehog

Hack of Sonic the Hedgehog


Ogorki the Hedgehog- is a hack for the game Sonic the Hedgehog, which replaces the character. Ogorki of all levels became difficult this hack was one of the best according to the official award of an unknown contest

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Database match: Sonic_The_Hedgehog_W__REV01
  • Database: No-Intro: Genesis (v. 20180824-045026)
  • File/ROM SHA-1: ECB56DC1952CDA66A80176F64341659D48402592
  • File/ROM CRC32: 5207CD8C




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

For those with soul.

Reviewed By: Sprite:D on 27 Jun 2021

A hack that was done by someone who must have had fun making it. Reminds me of much older hacks. Fun to play!

Version 1.4 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
For those with soul.Sprite:D27 Jun 20211.4Yes
Good idea, bad execution.u/usertheloset27 Jun 20211.4No
Trash...diablo66626 Jun 20211.4No