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Final Fantasy V Advance new sprites hack

Hack of Final Fantasy V Advance


This patch updates some of the character sprites in the final fantasy record keeper style.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Final Fantasy V Advance (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)
  • SHA-1 4FC4BC7C1C3ABE9D2F9C59A3AE4172B5CB57BD2C
  • CRC32 7179117E8




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User Review Information

A decent hack, but you'd be wanting for more

Reviewed By: Psxphile on 14 Jul 2021

Does as advertised, replacing some of FFV’s battle sprites with the equivalents that were released in the FF Record Keeper gacha mobile game. And they weren’t kidding by “some”: only a small portion of sprites have been changed. Which makes sense, FFRK has only released a handful of new sprites related to FFV. They’ve certainly haven’t done every Job permutation, though with time that may change (but I doubt it).

If you only go by the screenshots provided you’d think only 11 job classes were updated since the uploader failed to include any documentation whatsoever, but by searching outside this site and with my not-so-brief time with the patched game I can see there’s actually a few more. These are the ones I’m sure about:

Bartz - Freelancer / Knight / Monk* / Mystic Knight*

Lenna - Freelancer / White Mage / Time Mage*

Faris - Freelancer / Thief* / Ranger* / Blue Mage*

Galuf - Freelancer / Monk

Krile - Freelancer / Beastmaster

Dancer Lenna FFRK (possibly incomplete) sprite set also exist, but are not included in this patch. The (*) denotes Jobs that technically don’t have official FFRK sprite sets, they appear to be edits of general FFRK sprites (Mystic Knight Bartz, for sure) or just edits in general to make them look like the FFRK sprite style. It’s surprisingly difficult to find any information on the creation of this patch and its author.

It’s not to say this is a bad hack, it works exactly as it should and doesn’t really promise you the world. But as I see it it’s an incomplete work (and one hell of a tease, FFRK sprites are amazing and look great here), and might just stay that way.

Version 1.1 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A decent hack, but you'd be wanting for morePsxphile14 Jul 20211.1Yes