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GE-X Patch 5e: 2016-12-24

It’s about time, ain’t it? GoldenEye X patch version 5e has been set free to the world!

During the time since our most recent patch was released, we’ve been learning more about the mission campaign. To show how far we’ve been able to come along with it, we have included two in-progress missions; the Silo and Frigate. Each have intros, fully functioning objectives, and outros. You’ll notice some minor changes being made based on difficulty level (such as removing the bombs from Agent mode in Frigate), to follow how Rare handled Perfect Dark, and encourage players to try the harder difficulties. The Statue and Streets are also both now available to preview, but are lacking wall tiles to stop players from wandering through structures. Pretty much every mission preview is full of objects, though some specific models may still be absent (mostly vehicles). Also, if you’re playing on console, or with a good graphics plugin, pay attention to the lighting that is slowly being added in throughout the campaign.

In VR mode, you’ll find three extra levels, including a special treat from Diddy Kong Racing, of all places. And it’s the return of the Slapper! No more punches, Mr. Bond. The Taser is now operational, and can be used to force opponents to drop their equipped weapons. An additional two bonus weapons are also ready for action. Speaking of weapons, the animations are getting better every time. Completely new reloads have been designed for the RC-P90, Golden Gun and Rocket Launcher. Other improvements have been made, such as with the Watch Laser. It may not seem like a ton of new content on the surface, but it’s a matter of quality over quantity.

For more detail on what’s new or modified, see the “Readme File” for this RHDN submission or the “gex_5e_patch_details.txt” file included inside of the download.

As always, our thanks to the people still enjoying GoldenEye X. We see your videos on YouTube, and read your comments posted on both the GoldenEye Vault website and Shooters Forever forum. Your feedback is definitely appreciated. It’s the fans who this game is made for, and so long as there are gamers who continue to check in to play the newest patch, we’ll try and find the time to keep working at it.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • Perfect Dark (U) (V1.1) [!].z64
  • CRC32: 4C1677F7
  • MD5: E03B088B6AC9E0080440EFED07C1E40F
  • SHA-1: AF8788AC4D1A57260EAE9C53FFE851FCF2A3319B




ContributorType of contributionListed credit

User Review Information

Renews the multiplayer experience

Reviewed By: Pr1me on 12 Jun 2021

I still love playing the singleplayer mode of GoldenEye, but very often my requests to play multiplayer are met with moans of distaste from friends, what with the game’s poor resolution and framerate. This hack fixes those problems, includes many of the other improvements Perfect Dark brought, and throws even more features on top of all that. A particular highlight for me is the ability to play as all the Bond actors up to GoldenEye’s release, opening up some fun deathmatch possibilities as Rare originally intended. The VR assignments and recreated singleplayer levels are also bonuses, though the main draw is definitely multiplayer mode. Highly recommended for anyone wishing to replenish the excitement that the original game created back in the day.

Version 5e Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Renews the multiplayer experiencePr1me12 Jun 20215eYes
The Goldeneye Multiplayer Experience You Rememberaleckermit08 Nov 20175.2Yes
Awesome, it's like GoldenEye 2.0SkinnyV04 Oct 2012N/AYes
Fun with friends only.arbleich11 Jul 2012N/ANo