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Skies of Arcadia: Legends Maeson

Hack of Skies of Arcadia Legends


This is a mod/hack for Skies of Arcadia: Legends for the Gamecube.

It is a lighthearted RPG that mixes your typical dungeon exploring and ship battles in a world of floating islands and mystery. It’s a pretty charming game.

…In any case, this mod/hack aims to make the game more challenging without falling into the “Hard type” category, while also trying to improve the game in several other areas.

Many things have changed, for example:

  • Rebalanced Character stats
  • Rebalanced Magic, Supermoves and Healing Items
  • Modified Equipment with new effects and attributes
  • Modified Ship Equipment, Ship Magic and Crew members
  • More difficult enemies and bosses
  • Tougher Ship Battles
  • Restored Unused Ship Beta items

All the descriptions for altered elements have been updated to reflect these changes in-game. You can also check the readme file for a long, long detailed list.

This could be played by a first timer too if he/she desires, as the difficulty is not set that high to make it impossible to play for someone new to this game.

You will need a U.S version of the game, and a XDelta patcher (Like, for example, XDeltaGui) to install the patch to the ISO.

Changes from 1.1: Corrected a small oversight and changed a couple of items t prevent Stat-up abuse.

Also added an alternative patch if you’re not playing on real hardware, as it seems that Dolphin could have a small bug with a certain boss fight in this mod.

Changes from 1.2: Fixed the drop of an optional boss fight. Now there is just one patch again, an universal one that will work for both real Wii and Nintendont.

Changes from 1.3: The amounts of Magic Exp. needed to learn new spells have been modified for some characters with the intention to reduce grinding a little, as in the original game some characters needed really high amounts of Magic Experience.

Changes from 1.4: The Magic Exp. chart has been modified again, and this time should be the last too if everything flows right. The Magic Exp. needed to learn magic has been adjusted for less unnecessary grinding overall.

You can see the new chart of Magic Exp. on the readme, in case you want to compare it with the original game.

Besides that, a bunch of item descriptions had it text improved, the introduction was made a little easier, and some early bosses had a few changes here and there.

Because of the Magic Exp. chart changes, the save files from earlier playthroughs are not recommended to use. Sorry for the inconvenience, but if you want to upgrade you should start from the beginning.

If the last changes to Magic Exp. are final, this won’t happen again.

  • Update 09/26/2016

A PAL version of this hack is now available! It has the same content as the NTSC 1.4 version, and the English and Spanish translations had all the descriptions edited, French and Deustch have vital descriptions changed only.

Included for the PAL version is a readme (in Spanish and English) and an optional patch that will convert the game’s format to PAL 60. This patch is unique to this mod, and should be installed after the mod if you want to use it.

Lastly, the author would like to point out that the Moonberry drop chances have NOT been changed. The original game has a 1% chance to drop from normal enemies already, and anyone can confirm it by looking at the couple of wikis this game has.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • For the NTSC Patch, this ISO is required:
  • Skies of Arcadia: Legends (USA).iso
  • CRC32 - 23e347b6
  • MD5 - 3e7fa5033c4a2704434fb6ba98195ecd
  • SHA-1 - 46105320553c858f25fafc5fd357566b505a4940
  • For the PAL Patch, this ISO is required:
  • Skies of Arcadia Legends (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).iso
  • CRC32 A8E18C76
  • SHA-1 30EE1D7777FE51BCD7C4DEEB867651D5B6E96E41
  • MD-5 BD814992F1E39D4147C775FF8B32D022




User Review Information

Thanks and thoughts

Reviewed By: Exidous on 12 Jun 2021

Some excellent ideas in this mod. Skies of Arcadia is the rare game that won me over almost entirely independent of its gameplay. This mod is a definite improvement over that vanilla gameplay, but it does create a few new balance issues. On the whole, this mod improves a wonderful game.

Maybe the most prominent gameplay change is the nerf (SP cost increase) of Delta/Justice Shield. In vanilla their low cost and big benefit means their respective characters will be spamming them almost every turn. That’s no longer a viable strategy if you want to finish battles in a reasonable number of turns. I’m not entirely sure the right balance was struck, the SP cost increases are probably a bit too much, but I presume Maeson really disliked the vanilla dominant strategy. Some amount of nerf was definitely appropriate here.

There are a few emergent balance issues I noticed with this mod:

Fish made some Seeds (stat-increasing items) obsolete. You can just farm the Max HP fish. Aika and Fina have the highest max HP in my party, and I did not abuse a fishing spot more than a few times. I would recommend removing any permanent stat increasing fish (or limiting them to the one ’special’ fish in the center of a school, so people have to work for their exploits). The basic change to make fishing actually useful for out of battle healing items is great.

Self destruct. Any monster that can use this move, will use it after being damaged but not dying. It may be that the across-the-board enemy HP increases simply uncovered this vanilla tactic, or this may be an AI change introduced by the mod. Either way, it’s a very big party killing threat in the Catacombs and a huge disincentive to use field attacks like Red Magic or Lambda Burst that aren’t guaranteed to OHKO enemies.

HP Absorb. Same enemy behavior as with self destruct - if damaged they will use it on their next turn. Remember in South Ocean, all those gravers? Yeah they have HP absorb. Use a field attack to damage all of them and every. single. one. will use HP absorb on Drachma on the next turn. On one occasion they killed him from full HP in one turn. HP Absorb also seems to be a scalar rather than variable attack. It always does very close to 350 HP damage, modified only by blocking. That makes it a huge threat early on (Valuan Catacombs, South Ocean), and practically irrelevant later (Yafutoma). Again, this may be the vanilla game but you never noticed it because you first turn wiped most of the offending enemies in vanilla…

A few bosses are starkly greater threats now.

Antonio II - Yes, I’m kind of ashamed here, but if you get unlucky and he gets Increm from the new minions, you’re going to have dead characters - I don’t let anyone get KOed so I probably restarted this fight a half dozen times. You really feel DeLoco’s disdain for Alfonso after repeatedly rewatching the cutscene before that battle…

Grendel - post-confusion boulder throw did 12k unmitigated damage on the Little Jack - it can do two in a round, so you have to evade both of them AND heal in between, or you die.

Piastol III - Her speed needs to be nerfed. She’s faster than my entire party even when they have Quika. On one occasion, her regular attack Stoned Aika and then she used Eternes the next turn. Party Wipe. Because sometimes, you still have to spam Delta Shield.

These are sparse nits in a largely terrific package. Many thanks to Maeson!

Version 1.49a Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Thanks and thoughtsExidous12 Jun 20211.49aYes
The Best Version Of This Game!ultimaweapon19 Aug 20201.49aYes
A great way to revisit my childhoodParkerMcFly18 Aug 20201.49aYes
Breathing life into an already lively gameevittalex06 Dec 20161.46Yes
Enemies certainly hit harder!GeneralAtrox07 Sep 20161.3Yes