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Fire Emblem: The Road to Ruin

Hack of Fire Emblem


Pandosia, created by the four goddesses, has seen its fair share of war and peace. Now is not a time for peace. A war has begun between the neighboring countries of Aksum and Sybaris. Sybaris has ambushed Aksum’s close ally, the small country of Mora, without warning, massacring many.

A group of mercenaries finds themselves caught in the middle of this war where not everything is as it seems and the events of the past collide with the present…

This is a complete mod. The final chapter is chapter 20.

Including the prologue and two “gaidens” that gives you 23 chapters of content. Runs on FE7 engine.

Never dead, always underground.

The Serenes Forest thread contains growth rates and support listings.

ROM / ISO Information:

  • •Fire Emblem (USA, Australia).gba - NOINTRO
  • •CRC32: 2A524221
  • •MD5: F1A1B9742FCD467A531DD4314C4E7D19
  • •SHA-1: C735FDBB9E8ABE19E0C6A44708DF19ACC962E204
  • •SHA-256: F1200D19771B366B6EAD15DEC0EEE4A7785B538D894C069C36F7592321EE799B



RHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack ImageRHDN Hack Image


User Review Information

Super easy, map design interestng but lacking of something, but overall pretty solid hack

Reviewed By: zuda on 01 Jun 2021

I will only judge it gameplaywise because it’s the only thing that matter for me

Compare to the majority of the fire emblem hack, this one is pretty good. The map design is fairly well done, and most of the map have a pretty good potentiel to be good, but the lack of difficulty negate most of it.

The main problem of this hack is our unit become so strong after promotion that you can just send one unit with a javelin, he will kill everthing in enemy phase, and you will just go forward and redo the same. My main unit barely take damage against the majority of the ennemy. For exemple, with Torie, the pegasus knight, I don’t care be shooted by 3-4 sniper, because I only take 4-5 damaage, because of the only 2x effectivness, and the other unit do like 1 or 0 damage. That kill pretty most of the interest after chapter 11. And before that, the game was pretty easy too, but because it’s the beginning, it could be forgiven.

The main point is that all your unit is too much balanced, all are pretty the same, with the nearly the same speed, the same defense, ect… Normally, in a classic FE, some class are pretty strong, but have some flaw. For exemple, the pegasus knight is very fast, dodge very well, but are very squishy. Here, Torie got amazing defense, because of a solid base defense and good growth. That’s why during the mid game, the game become super easy, because all your unit overcome their weakness and can beat anything, without needing a equip synergy. So you just need to put your stat booster on the “best class” that mean flyer unit, because other unit would got the same stat than your peg (cap every nearly stat at lvl9 promotion), but without her flexibility.

I think the difficulty of this hack is around a normal mode of a classic FE, like for exemple FE6, but with OP unit too. So it would really benefit from a hard mode.

Also, this hack is not really design for ironmaning (even if because it’s so easy, you could play it ironman, for your first run and succeed like I do), because a the really small cast, without many replacement. For example, you only have one flyer, one archer, ect, so you don’t really have the choice, and because all the unit is pretty the same stat wise, you just choose the best class unit.

The main difficulty of this hack is magic user and critical hit. All your unit have nearly the same luck (5-8) too low against magic like shine, thunder or reaver weapon that increase the crit. Because many of your unit don’t have enought res or HP, you will be one shot most of the time if a crit occur. And there’s no barrier staff in this game, but only 2 droppable pure water But you got your own magic user that could take a crit, and also your pegasus kts. So it’s like when you face a berserker or some dude with killer weapon, you need to manage to kill them before they could have the possibility to OS someone. But even that disappear after a while, because the res of your unit become so high like your defense, and you could always rise it with a pure water if necessery.

That’s why Torie is so game breaking in this game. It’s the only one you could use to take mage during ennemy phase with a javelin, and she will gain so much xp doing so, that her defense and resistance become insanely good. A good balance should be she can’t do that if there also 1 or 2 axe user hitting her. But the defense of your unit is so high that you could take 3-4 hit with all your non magic user

And he choose to stay pretty simple, by not implementinhg for most of the game any advanced tool like bolting, berserk staff, warp. But the counterpart is that he does really well the simple thing he does. That why, even if the challenge isn’t here, the majority of the map is still pretty good, without any phase where you just move your unit, because there nothing to do. It’s really like playing sacred stone, with all your unit a god tier seth. (but without some horrible map of sacred stone like chapter 5x or 6)

So for my next run of this hack, I would modify this hack to create a hard mode, and modify some map to be more interesting, with better ennemy positionning and reenforcement.

Conclusion : this hack is a gem, but a gem that should be more polish to be really good, and that already something amazing.

Version 3.0.3 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Super easy, map design interestng but lacking of something, but overall pretty solid hackzuda01 Jun 20213.0.3Yes
An overlooked hack. Give it a go.Darrman04 Oct 20193.0.3Yes
A masterful Fire Emblem hack.Recca20 Dec 20173.0.3Yes