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Game Genie Guy!



Game Genie Guy! by Kyle

This is a small Windows utility for applying Game Genie codes to roms. This saves you the trouble of having to enter them each time the game is played.


1. Click the Browse button and select an unzipped Game Boy/Game Gear/Genesis/NES/SNES rom - The system dropdown should populate based on the file extension - The checksum box will also be enabled for non-NES games

2. Enter the desired codes, one per line. Multiple codes can be combined with +

3. Click Patch when all codes have been entered

4. Open the created ‘File GG.rom’ in an emulator to test

uCON64 is used for checksum correction. This is required if you are using flash carts. Most emulators are not bothered by it. I recommend the MinGW version because it has no dependencies.

Download and extract ucon64.exe to same folder as GGGuy.exe:


User Review Information

Troublesome but works

Reviewed By: NES Universe on 02 Jun 2021

Patches GameGenie Codes Excellently without fail, easy to use and highly functional.

Noticed one problem however when applying Hex Codes that cannot work as a traditional Game Genie code. I tried to apply code 00E7:00 but it becomes changed to the GameGenie Workaround AETAYA. The problem there is 00E7:00 cannot be written in GG format which changes it to 80E7:00.

This caused severe corruption in my ROM, I expect a level modifier, not a sprite loading corruption.

In applying GG codes it works admirably but when applying Hex Codes it substitutes with GG which is highly problematic.

Naturally, I don’t know much about GG codes but I do know enough about them to disallow certain ROM locations to be changed.

If you could find a workaround or patch to fix the inconsistency there it would be much appreciated.

Version 1.0 Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
A great patcherKorokun14 Sep 20211.0Yes
Troublesome but worksNES Universe02 Jun 20211.0Yes
Loving this app!TheHandsomeDan17 Jan 20181.0Yes
Freaking coolTeeporage77720 Dec 20171.0Yes