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Shining Force 2 Editor

Game Specific


A basic editor to modify most of the statistical data in Shining Force 2. Characters, classes, promotions, monsters, items, shops and spells are editable.

Allows the insertion of new data in the stat table, which provides functionality of giving new classes to characters that were limited to only one or two classes before.

Includes a damage and a level-up simulation calculator for stats.


User Review Information

Easy and Effective!

Reviewed By: Rotley on 01 Jun 2021

I used this utility to get the Life Ring into my game by adding it to the inventory of a monster. I then used the well known monster-control code to make that monster drop the item, then bought it from a shopkeeper under the deals tab.

Looking quickly over the options this program makes available, it seems to have a lot of interesting uses that I haven’t explored. Highly recommended.

Version 1.6b Recommended - Yes

User Reviews
Easy and Effective!Rotley01 Jun 20211.6bYes